One Shirt Three Ways – The Summer Edition

Summer in the UK has definitely been a missed moment this year. It has been cold, rainy and generally November-ish outside over the last few weeks…however…..Summer is meant to be happening soon, and has been happening in other places around the world, so I thought it was time to crack out the next instalment of One Shirt Three Ways.

As you know by now, One Shirt Three Ways shows 3 great ways to style your basic White T-Shirt so you can get the best use out of it….so…lets get into this great “Summer” Ideas:

An Afternoon With Friends:

When the weather starts to get that little bit warmer, I love to switch all my usual outfit choices on their heads and wear super long floaty skirts during the day. Usually I love everything stretchy and low maintenance for casual days, but Summer Time brings out the need I have for Maxi Skirts!


I have paired my white t-shirt with this beautiful dark blue linen skirt, and a soft grey cardigan and fit flop sandals with a tone of detail. The sparkle on these guys gives a beautiful pop of something different to this outfit….plus, they are super comfy for a day of shopping.

A Day in The Office:

Like most offices in the world, the temperature is never stable and has its crazy polar moments every 2 seconds…so……no matter what I wear, I’m going to have to deal with being too hot or too cold….I’m opting for being too cold!


My White T-Shirt has been paired with this super cute seasonal stripped skirt, that reminds me a little bit of a deck chair, and is super comfy! To complement the greenish stripes, I have added in my turquoise sandals.

Going Out On The Town:

With our 11th Anniversary looming, and a special surprise coming The Boys way, I have been planning out some wonderful little outfits. Without giving away what we are up to, this outfit is perfect!


I have added my t-shirt to this lovely black “Birdcage” skirt that I wear more than I would like to admit. Adding in my bright red wedges and my Tattoo cardigan brings an air of evening glamour, but still stays true to my style. This look can be easily achieved with any black skirt and super cute cardigan.

So…that was the summer edition of One Shirt Three Ways, despite the fact that summer feels a million miles away from the UK right now.

How are you guys working your basic white t-shirts this season? Let me know so I can build them into my rotation….I need more ideas to keep my shirts from looking exactly the same all the time! heheh

Have a great weekend everyone.

Hugs and love xXx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. BeeBiju says:

    Taking fashion advise from you a-n-y d-a-y! 🙂


  2. BeeBiju says:

    *advice 😛


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