The House of Lotz Life Update  

Hi Everyone!  How are you all? How are things? Long-time no see:

First off….I just wanted to say that I am so so sorry for not being around and that The House of Lotz has been closed to guests for some time now. I would like to say that this “MIA” situation was caused by being on holiday and living it up, but that is far from the truth that it really could make me cry……

So….what has been going on? What could possibly come before one of my favourite things I do……well……here goes:


The 9 to 5:


There is only one thing that can describe my current 9 to 5 situation….busy.

Things have been crazy with project deadlines, and handovers, as I am making the jump from one position to another. I’m super excited about the new 9 to 5 chapter (Dear Lord that was very corporate hu?), but in the meantime….it’s slowly killing me off.


The House of Lotz House:


Grownup things are happening inside the 4 walls that make up The House of Lotz. The Boy and I have decided to purchase this little piece of suburbia and make it our own.

Anyone who has purchased a house will know if it a process that involves 101 meetings, calls, forms and hours of your time. We are currently in the thick of it right now and it’s super exciting….but stressful.

So……with those things going on, and being in the throws of planning a wedding….my anxiety and depression has been making its Dark Cloudy self very much known in my day to day. For me, this makes super paranoid and all i want to do hide away in my shell, so unfortunately my little internet home has been put to one side for a little while so I can sort myself out.

Fortunately I have been using some random things to get myself back to my Lotzie self:

My Support Network:

The Boy, My Family (particularly my Dadums and my Mama), and my friends have been fantastic as always! They really know how to leave me to what I need to do, but they still know when i need a hug, or a laugh.

A massive shout out to everyone who has kept me going over the last few weeks. Its been tough and I really do appreciate it!

The Gym:


This is a massive cliche and as someone with depression, people telling me some “good old fashioned exercise” will make me feel better, makes me want to punch the in the face!! You need to have the motivation to do it, or someone who cares and you trust to help you out with this. I am super luck to have a super special friend to help me out with this. Added bonus: she is helping me tone up for the wedding and I could not be more grateful! Thank you Miss Pusheen xXx

So….this is what has been going on in The House of Lotz. Everything has been so up in the air, and to be honest it is really nice to have everything fall to earth and be a bit more balanced.

Over the next few weeks I will be catching up on all the posts that I have missed. So I hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming House of Lotz goodness.

So please….come on in, put your feet up…..I am now open for my lovely guests again!!

Hugs and Love xXx

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