Weekend Packing Guide: Summer Edition

Over the last few weeks it has been made very apparent to me that summer has finally arrived and it is amazing! The UK has been experiencing a little hot spell…I refuse to call it a heatwave because then it sounds like a horrid thing!!

With this warmth, mixed in with my over sharing “Life update” from the other week, it has also been brought to my attention that, and I quote, “Need to take a god damn break and chill out!” So….chill out and take a damn break I will.

This weekend, The Boy and I are off to see some of our amazing friends in Bath to just hang out in the sunshine and catch up…..With this weekend trip comes a very important thing…..packing!!!

When I was away at university, I found myself traveling around at the weekends either staying about 10 mins up the road wth The Boy, or traveling home (either one of the two), so I am now happy to say that I am a picking pro.

All of this, combined with the holiday season being in full swing, I thought it was time to share my little tips to make your summer packing down to an art!


Packing lists are great, but I feel like a straight up and down list is not good enough. My biggest advise I can give anyone when packing for any length trip, not just a weekend, is to make your list over the time you are traveling in your diary. I love to see what we have planned over the days we are away so I can see what I need to wear, or anything I will need to pack all in once place.


I usually do this in my weekly sheets in my diary, but as i have a lot of personal Home, Wedding and personal bits in their, I thought I would spear you that and show you what it looks live over the month.

Divide and Concur:

I like to split my case into 3 little sections: Day, Night, Bathroom.

This may be a bit odd, but it goes in with the listing a bit…..if you know what you will be needing over these time periods, even in the bathroom, you will cover everything you need.


As you can see, with the warmer weather, dresses are my best friend. They are also super handy space savers, as you only need one piece verses 50 to make a complete outfit.

Think careful how you pick you PJ’s guys…..make sure they are something super comfy and will be warm if the temperature drops my a million degrees where you are.

Bathroom Bag:

Your bathroom bag should cover everything you will need for your before bed or just got up time. Personally, this is where mini’s and product testing come into their own. Going away for any length of time is perfect to play with something new and break out of your comfort zone a little bit.


This little trip provides me with the perfect chance to play with the mini Sarah Chapman skincare kit…just to see if there is anything I need to get in full size…thank goodness Bath has a Space NK…bonus!!

Do not forget to take the polish you are using for you current mani……you never know when you might need it.

So…that was my little Summer Weekend Packing Guide!! I will be coming back this way when the cooler months come around….xXx

Happy Weekend Everyone xXx hugs and love xXx

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