Tea Time Manicure: Essie Gel Couture

Today I am back for another Tea Time Manicure Treat for you all. After the success of the last instalment with “Smith and Cult” and the result of sorting out my nail polish draw, I thought I would make this a regular fixture.

A month or so back, I was mooching through my local Boots, and saw that Essie (one of my favourite polish brands) had brought out their own spin on the Gel/Long Wear polish. These boast ‘up to 14 days of wear and instant shine’.

Now I resisted getting these at first as I was operating a one in one out policy on my polish draw, but after a very big sort out, I thought it was time to take the plunge. I thought I would get myself a nice little array of colours to see how I get on with them.

These long wear polishes can fall into 2 camps with their formula: 1) Their colour payoff is rubbish! They can need what feels like a million coats to get rid of the streaky finish or 2) Their formula is too thick and very hard to manage.

Of these polishes i can say they are just about right! They also have the added bonus that you do not need a base coat.

As instructed by the brand, I took to painting my nails to get the best colour.

3 Coats followed by the specially formulated top coat seemed to do the trick. They dry relatively quickly, so this was a swift Sunday Night manicure.

There is an added bonus to these polishes: they smell nice. These can often smell like turps, but the top note has a little bit of a vanillary note, which i can’t complain about.

So, after these coats I took to my week with full force as usual.

Day 1:

So I was not easy on this polish over the first day.

It managed to survive: filling up with petrol, a full day at work, a gym session, washing up with no gloves and a shower. Still full of since, and still going strong.

Day 2:

On reflection this was the worst week to do this trial…..the team had a 600 strong mail merge dumped on us from the sky, so stuffing envelopes and pairing letters was undertaken. This along with my usual daily shower and washing up session my nails did not fair well.

After all of this, I found a few chips, scuffing around the edges and the finish started to loose its shine.

Day 3:

Today was breaking point for my poo manicure…and it was all my fault (insert sobbing sound here).

After finishing up the mail merge, doing the food shopping (during which I smashed my middle finger with a beer bottle during packing) and snapping my thumb on a file, my nails just gave up.

All the shine has gone and the scuffing has become a nail halo. So off the polish came and manicure 2 is now under way. For the next however long it lasts, i have switched out “Style In Excess” for “Pre-Show Jitters”.

Overall Tea Time Manicure verdict: Good, but it would have been better had I not trashed my nails this week. As the seasons change, I may revisit this Essie line with a darker colour to see how that fairs.

So what do you all think of these products? Have you tried them? Is there a better way to use them?

Let me know your thoughts xXx

Have a great weekend everyone xXx Hugs and Love xXx

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