Summer Jewellery Essentials

I am going to start out being super honest with this blog post…I am sat here with the a cider with the Olympic Cycling on in the background thinking about outfits for the coming week. Yes I am that sad person who liked to have outfit options planned out for the week. I have been known to write out a list of 6-10 outfits so I can plan out my week accordingly.

With these outfits come accessory choices, and I have notices that I keep turing back to 3 jewellery options that keep popping up in my rotation.

Like everyone, I feel like my outfits get a little repetitive, but these 3 pieces of jewellery seem to save the day!

So…let’s get into it from the top:


During my 9-5 i tend to just stick to the same earring set…..1 pearl and 2 stones in my left ear, 1 pearl and 1 stone in my right. i stick them in on a Monday night after the gym and then keep them in until Saturday morning. I think this is years of Catholic education being ingrained in me. “Only Regulation Jewellery during the week please”. It’s  very hard habit to break, however on the Saturday morning I go a little nuts and change it up…….Mrs Cairns would not be impressed!


I am head over heels in love with these “Peek-a-boo” earrings. How can you not love these! 1) They are marble, 2) They are Super trendy at the moment, 3) They are marble! Like anyone obsessed with home decor, the ever growing love for Marble has leaked into other aspects of my life.


i don’t know about everyone one else, but I love Alex from HRHCollection! I love her style and her jewellery collection. Her lariat necklaces just make me so happy, however, I have yet to take the plunge and make an order……she says….adding things to the basket now….


However, being for taking the plunge, I wanted to make sure I would wear one enough to warrant the investment. I picked this little training lariat in the ASOS sale, so I love it. I love to tuck the end down my shirt to keep it simple and sleek……and a touch of something sexy.


Last year for or Anniversary, The Boy treated me to these beautiful dairy bangled from Kate Spade.


There is not a lot I can say about them. They look great as a stack and separately. They look perfect with everything I put together, no matter if it is formal or casual.

I hope you all liked my little must have jewellery list.

What are you guys loving? What jewellery are you using on a daily basis? Leave it all in the comments below xXx

have a great weekend everyone xXx Hugs and love xXx

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