Wellbeing: The Mid-year update

At the beginning of the year, I did a little post about tips and tricks for being generally “Well” with my dear friend Briana. We both came up with some amazing ways to promote personal wellbeing, however as you have all seen, I fell off the wagon rather elegantly. My personal health went down so low and I have no idea why……I have since learned the answer.

A few weeks ago, I saw that the Vogue UK YouTube channel where about to start a new series called “What on Earth is Wellbeing?” This series is hosted by the every beautiful Camille Row and only 2 episodes in, I am hooked. As soon as I saw it I thought it would fix all my wellbeing problems and make me into this superwomen who cold do everything without breaking a sweat. I have since learned that optimistic view was a load of nonsense….which is ok….and the amazing videos explain why.

So hear is what I have learned so far about wellness and a few things that I have implemented to make it work this time around:

Being “well” has been defined as more than the absence of illness for longer than I have been alive. In the 1960’s, “being well” was being looked at by those in the medical and holistic fields with mild interest, but in resent years it has become the buzz word that is attached to everything. We have all taken this free for all approach expecting a cocktail of yoga, green juice and supplements is going to fix the problem.

In the very first episode of this series Dr John Travis (a wellness expert since the 1970’s) explains that “you don’t just treat wellness, you learn and grown and it builds itself”. It’s not something that is fixed in one moment, or one pill. It is a journey on which we build our own path to a personal definition of Wellbeing.

Often people feel that “Wellbeing” is predominately linked to diet. If we eat well we will be well. Now to a certain extent this is true, however, I have learned not to obsess over it. The more you think about it, the more you make it your personal missing to only eat “Clean” or “Safe” the more you will focus on the opposite of these things. When you have an off day, you will focus on the fact that you have had a “Dirty” or “Cheat” day. These things will fester and will not help. Food and diet can help on the your journey to your own definition of “Wellbeing” but you have to look at it the right way. Food is there to nourish us and make us happy, not make us crazy and worried. Yes what what you eat and make the right choices for you, but done freak out if you have a treat. You chose it because you wanted it.

“Wellness” is often linked to mental clarity as well. If we are calm, and have found our piece of mind, we must be well. This is correct, however the journey to get to here is hard and rife with difficulties. We start to be unkind to ourselves, and this undoes all your hard work.

From all of this, what I am I going to put into practice and use day to day?

1) I am not going to be so hard on myself. I wouldn’t tell anyone else that they are an awful person for eating that cookie, or taking a day off from working out or sleeping in on a Sunday. So why would i say these things to myself?

2) Food is there to nourish and make me happy, it is not the enemy. So, i have been eating the foods that make my body feel happy, not just me. Eating all the cookies and pizza will make me happy, but lord knows that my body won’t be a happy camper an hour later. Wise choices people, wise choices.

3) Wellbeing is not going to spring up on me after taking a supplement or sticking a bunch of kale in my juice in the morning. It comes from learning what works for me, and not listening to everyone else.

So….this is my take on well being, and some really practical ways that are going to hopefully stick and make a difference.

What do you guys thing? Have you seen the series so far? What is your take on it?

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx Hugs and love xXx

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