September Favourites

Well Hello There everyone!! I hope you are all well!!

I am so sorry for not being around over the last 2 weeks. The Boy and I hit the ground running with our week off. We have been decorating and house sorting pretty much non-stop. We did however have a nice 2 days off with a little trip to Oxford and London.

As with most months, it has gone super fast! I finally changed job this month, so everything has gone past quickly in a blur of information and working out how to truly have a “Grown-up” job. Having a position where you can make kind of make your own hours, and go to lunch when you fancy is very odd….well… me anyway!

Right, so that is that life update out of the way, lets get into my little bag of favourites:

In The Kitchen:

This month in our massive sort out, it was time to say goodbye to my faithful lemon squeezer. It has had a good innings, and I will miss it dearly…..but it was falling apart the poor thing!


In my daily need for squeezed lemons, I thought it was time to invest in a good squeezer, and to be totally honest I have wanted this one for ages!

This lemon squeezer is effortless and easy to clean. It also gets more juice out of the poor little lemons than I ever thought they could contain!

In The Bathroom:

In my new 9-5 has encouraged me to make more of an effort into my makeup. This basically entails wearing any to the office fullstops! With this comes the need for a new makeup remover.


This stuff was recommended to me by the beautiful ladies as Space NK Covent Garden. I was after something that melted makeup in a few easy steps, and could be used as a full first cleans option.

Added bonus this stuff smells amazing and I am sure it has some amazing skin benefits!

In The Bedroom:

I love a positive quote. I write them in my day planner, I have them on my desk at my 9-5, I have one on my foot and engagement for goodness sake!! Ok, so not all of these are by famous philosophers, but they make things seem that little bit brighter.



Now with the help of Kikki.K, I can wake up to a positive quote…..this tends to soften the blow of the alarm, and makes the morning that little bit brighter!!

In The Living Room (AKA The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat)

As I have mentioned before, I am a stationary junky. I love a good sticker, habit tracker and to do list!!


On another trip to Kikki.K, I found these amazing “Wellbeing Trackers” that I have been using as a kind of meditation outlet. They make you think about what you want to achieve, and what you are grateful for.

I have also been hitting Etsy like a crazy person ordering all the planner stickers they have. This is mainly in an effort to get use to use to the new planner I am looking to get for next year…..Anyway….I found these amazing little guys and I just LOVE THEM!! Stay tuned for more planner posts coming up in the new year!

In The Portable House of Lotz (AKA In my handbag)

Reusable Bags…..we all need them….we should all be using them, but they are never strong enough!


Well, I thought that was the case until I found this little guy in a little random shop in Windsor. This little guy can carry up to 20kg, and is super handy when out an about.

So…that was September! Is there anything I need for next month? Is there something missing from my life??

Have a great weekend everyone! xXx

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