Top 3 Autumn Nail Polishes

So this week there was a very sudden change of plan in the House of Lotz. I had a 1 shirt 3 ways lined up, but as the result of being behind with everything and The House of Lotz being upside down due to decorating, I have no clothes anywhere to be found!

Today, after discovering I had no 1 shirt to wear 3 ways, I noticed that I have already fallen into my Autumn nail pattern already, and I could not be happier. I’m going to run through the top 3 that I have been using so far…….

The Autumn Dark:

Dark nails and lips are compulsory in the Autumn. It’s like an unwritten rule that we all seem to abide by without thinking.


My go to “Dark No Brainier” is Essie’s Wicked. This beautiful dark purple is effortless and lasts for a week!! This is not me over exaggerating in any way! I have worn this colour all week so far and I do not have a single chip!

it goes with everything without me having to think about it……its perfect!

The Neutral:

Nude is not always the way to go in Autumn. I find that they can go one of 2 ways: Too Pink or Too Beige. My hands will either look dirty or dead!


In lieu of making this mistake this year, I have decided to switch it up and go for Essie’s Take it Outside. This beautiful pale dove grey is a wonderful colour, once you get it on and goes with most things. Getting it on takes a while (about 3 coats), but once it is there is will not budge for about 3 days.

The Glitter:

Autumn brings with it beautiful colours and a little bit of magic. Sally Hanson’s Pennies For Heaven brings both of these things to my hands and it brings me the most joy!


This beautiful copper brings the colour of the leaves, and the glittery magic to my day and last for ages! So much so that it is incredibly difficult to get off.

So, that is my super quick nail autumn nail round up.

Next week I will be doing a nice long rambling baking post, so get you sieves at the ready guys!!

Have a great weekend xXx Hugs xXx

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    1. Wow!! That’s a great tutorial!! xXx thank you for sharing xXx


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