One Shirt Three Ways: The Autumn Edition 

Now it is getting colder out there in the big wide world, I can honestly feel my body and my spirit getting lighter and becoming more joyful! I can hear my jumpers, scarves and pumps calling my name and I am more than happy to answer their call.
This is the perfect time for a new edition of One Shirt Three Ways… always this is my season go too looks for the season, and where I unashamedly admit that I wear the same piece of clothing all the time……come on, a girl has got to have her “I feel like the poop emoji but need to look like I have my lift together” outfits. I just need to use mine a lot given how life has been in the not so distant past. To be frank, I use these outfits all the time. It’s not just when I feel naff. I use them as my go to “I feel like a Boss” outfit when I do feel like that anyway. It’s not often, but hey, self improvement is an ongoing journey.

Anyway, enough with the rambling, let’s get into it…..after this bit of housekeeping:

Due to the upside down nature of The House of Lotz at the moment, and the fact that it dark ALL THE TIME I have undertaken a different format for my photos today. This is not me moaning about the seasons, it’s about me getting home past the time where there is natural light, and The Boy has been working late, so I have no photo-assistant at the moment…..boooooo!! 

Anyway, here are my go too looks for Autumn:
The 9 to 5:
So, in my recent relocation within my office (yay), I have discovered that this floor has a good constant temperature…..and as a result I do not have to include “quick change options” within my daily wardrobe choices. So this season I have opted for this super cute pencil skirt and scarf option. The scarf allows me to wrap it around my shoulders should I feel a touch chilly, and the skirt keeps that corporate feel. Shoe wise I have been switching between pumps and heels as I fancy….just because I can…and my feet hurt!!

Casual Days:

Over the last few months I have found myself falling more in love with shirts. I adore a good shirt for day, night and everything inbetween. Recently I came across this beautiful checked number that I have been living in for the best part of a week. Pairing it with my ever faithful white T and black leggings keeps me feeling warm and relaxed all day long.

Going Out Out:

I I’ve to keep it simple this time of year when going out, as anything you wear is covered by a jacket or a wrap for most of it. So, I have just paired my T with this mega simple trousers. The white strip makes my legs look a little thinner and longer, which is never a bad thing. To bring a little glitz, I love to add in my lariat necklace. For a touch of subtle sexy….I love to wear it tight at the neck and pop the hunting chain down my shirt. 

So , that is Autumn wrapped up in a little white bow…hehe.
I have you have enjoyed this little walk through my outfit choices. I will be back in at the beginning in December for a Christmas Edition to round out the year.
Have a great weekend everyone xXx hugs and love xXx

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