Wedding Planning 101: Things People Don’t Tell You

Wedding planning is in full swing in The House of Lotz at the moment. Anyone who has planned their big day will know, it is not all sunshine, pretty dresses and roses. Don’t get me wrong, I am the most excited I have ever been about anything in my entire life, however, there are things that people do not tell you about planning your big day that I was not prepared for that I wish people understood or told me before I started planning.

As these little tips were not passed onto me, I wanted to pass them onto you all, so you wonderful people out there can be prepared… we go…..
“Back Handed” comments:

I wanted to get this one out of the way as it’s not the nicest thing to think about. 
The Boy and I have been together some time now. You have seen my anniversary posts for the last 2 years, they are not small numbers……with this sort of long standing relationship, people have found it appropriate to say “it’s about time” when you discuss your engagement and upcoming plans. This not a nice thing to here, and not something you would say to a couple who have been together in single digits. 
Please please please just go with “Congratulations” and “We are so happy for you”, everyone will love you for it.
Planning 2.0:

I am organised…..scarily so. I live out of my planner and during this process I have been relying on it even more. I am super luck as I invested in a beautiful Smythson planner, and it is amazing! If you are able to make the investment…however….if you are not able to push that budget, the Busy B planners as the best affordable option.
With this great pallet mentality, i have noticed that “Over Planning”. I found myself reading so many Wedding Magazine and articulate about tricks to the perfectly planned Wedding and it drove me crazy in the end! 
The best planning advice i can give is, make a master list and check it off. Do not sub-list or overthink it, when a task is done, you’re done.
Go With your Gut:

I am the worst for listening to other people’s advice. So much so I have on occasions changed my entire game plan for something because it made one person less than 100% happy.
This is not the way to go with planning your Wedding. You have to put your groom and yourself first. We have made all of the big decisions together. Everything from the venue all the way down to the favours. The only decision we have not made together is dress related, however that is understandable. 

Just go with the things you love. Don’t listen to anyone else….that is the reason you are together in the first place.
Well, i hope this is helpful for anyone going through the wedding planning process at the moment. I will be doing a few more of these as we proceed through the run up to the big day.
Hugs and love xXx Have a great weekend xXx

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