October Favourites 

Happy Post Halloween Weekend Everyone!!
It definitely feels like Halloween today! It’s chilly, bright and all the leaves are shinning like little gems! It’s the perfect time for spooky goings on out there. 
This month I have been really getting into the ghoulishly festive spirit this month, so please excuse the odd favourites……hehehhe:
In The Kitchen:

This month in The House of Lotz has been all about getting the kitchen decorated. It’s been a nightmare getting it all done and covering up the very dark blue from the cupboards! 

So, as I have spent so much time in here, I can now say that our kitchen is my favourite part of our home! It’s still got the horrid red floor, but the beautiful neutral colours have made the space lighter and allowed my bright La  Creuset pieces shine like the jewels they are.
In the Bathroom:
This month I have spent no time in my bathroom. I’ve been nipping in to sort myself out in the morning and before bed, but that is about it. There has been no real pamper time in there for the entire month…..sad times!! If I had to pick a bathroom thing that I am loving right now, it would have to be this great eye cream from Kiehl’s.

I suffer from a very strange allergy that makes my eyes break out in hideous dry patches all over them, and there is usually nothing that clears it up. I have to slap E45 all over my face a pray for the best…..well….no more!! This avocado eye cream has saved me!! 

In the Bedroom:

With the ongoing home improvements invading all areas of The House of Lotz, I am finding myself loving furniture more and more.

We have recently invested in a new bedroom mirror and it is HUGE!!! This giant beast is from IKEA and I am super please with it!! I will be taking outfit photos in it over the next few months, so keep an eye out on my Instagram (@thehouseoflotz).

In the Livingroom (aka The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa)

As you all know, I am a nail polish junky. I can’t help it! I have spent so long not being able to express myself through the way I dress, so I have laid it all out on my nails. The joys of plus size fashion…..well, at least it has gotten a million times better over the years.
Anyway, as it is Halloween I have been decorating my nails with pumpkins…..so…..this orange nail polish has been a great investment! It is from Boots and super cheep, so for cracking it out once a year, I thought it was perfect!

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka, My Handbag):

As most of you have gathered by now, my routines are sacred to me. The little moments that I can take on completely on auto pilot and are true lay for myself really do make my day!

Most of these sacred moments involve a beverage of some type, and my morning routine is nothing without my coffee. 
Recently my ever faithful travel mug bit the big one and had to meet its maker at the local recycling plant…poor thing! So the hunt for the new travel mug began. After much searching, I landed this gorgeous little “KeepCup” from website! My favourite coffee shop has plastic versions of these covered with their own branding, but I am not a fan of plastic travel mugs, so the glass one had to be mine! 

Once I have sipped my last little bit of coffee, I pop the cup in my handbag ready for the next coffee stop.
So, that was it for October! Sorry this post was a wee bit late and there was a break in programming last week, there was a few scheduling issues.
Is there anything that I should be trying out for next month?? 
Have a great weekend everyone xXx hugs and love xXx

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