The Weekend I Visit My Happy Place – Center Parcs Longleat

As the leaves start to change around The House of Lotz, my little Autumn brain goes to 2 places: 1) Yaaaayyyy it’s time for jumpers….particularly my Squirrel Jumper, and 2) IT’S NEARLY TIME FOR CENTER PARCS!! 

Sorry for the shouty capitals! I know this may be an odd thing to get excited over but this is my favourite thing we do all year! I appreciate that this year that might not be the case, given how awesome this year has been so far, but I do love doing this long weekend break!
My family has been going to various different Center Parcs resorts since i was about 6 months old. We took a break from the breaks in my teenage years, but since The Boy and I moved back to Sunny Berkshire, we have taken up the tradition again and it could not have made me happier!!

This may seem like the oddest break to get excited about considering the places we have been as a couple, however, there is just something about Longleat that just does not compare to any other place we have been….but….these are the reasons that you should consider a break with Center Parcs, and a glimpse into what we get up to whilst we are away:
The Instant Isolation:

This magical place in the middle of the woods offered me one thing that no other place can….no signal! As soon as you get onto the drive there is this amazing moment where my SatNav tells me to “Join the nearest road”. This is music to my ears! For the next 4 days, i am unreachable by any electronic device….except for the buzzer at the restaurant to tell us our table is read…..bliss!!
The Company:

The Boy and I are one of the very few “Child Free” couples we ever see when we go. There are the odd few on a “Baby-moon” or some that have left their children with the amazing Kids Club (which I went to as a kid), but that is about it. Center Parcs offers this great sense of connection with the people you are with, but still a sense of community (for want of a better phrase) with the other guest who share the village with you for your stay. Don’t get me wrong, there is still the odd glare from a frazzled Mum who is being harassed by her children whilst I get changed at the pool, but other than that, it is great!

For 4 days, The Boy and I are well and truly in our own bubble, and its great!!
The Silence:

Ok, so you may think isolation and silence and the same thing, but you would be very much mistaken! 

There is nothing like that moment just before you fall asleep and you can hear nothing…Zero…..Zip! No cars, no people walking home, no kids screaming, nothing! It’s great! 

This little moment can bring you more peace and joy than you will ever know.
Getting Outside and Active!

There is so much to be said for getting out her and getting the blood flowing. In the middle of the forest you can not bring your car, so unless you want to wait for the bus (which is slow and takes a week and a half to get anywhere) you have to either get on a bicycle or more your two feet and get yourself where you need to be under your own steam.

Over our most recent weekend away, I covered over 23 miles on foot. This also includes a fit of running around on a badminton court, however that probably only equates to about half a mile. 

Being out in the cool fresh air, and just walking from one part of the forest to the next just makes you feel alive and more grounded in the moment.

If you are as crazy as I am, I would recommend hitting the outdoor pool at around 7pm. All the families are off having dinner, so you have the pool to yourself…pretty much. There is truly nothing like sitting in a jacuzzi with your loved one watching the starts and the world go by. 

Time To Eat:

My last amazing that you should really take into account when booking a break here is the food! You can make something in your little villa, or you are hit one of the amazing restaurants around the forest.

As we have been going for so long, we kind of have our own little routine when eating out, but I must admit, we save the best for last…….all I need to say is Pancake House! This should have sold you on a break here! This restaurant only serves pancakes from 9am to 5pm. Every flavour and style you can think of, so you are very spoilt for choice!!
So…that was a little insight into our little break away. This is in no way sponsored, and all of these things come from the hear. 
I have some amazing memories of this place from various points in my life, so I would encourage you all to go and make amazing memories of your own, be it with your friends ir family. No matter how bad a day I am having, i draw on these memories to life my spirits, and I am sure you will all do the same!
Have a great weekend everyone xXx Hugs and Love xXx

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