Top 5 Skin Care Products

Winter has well and truly arrived and with has come the ever horrid skin care battle that comes with it. In the winter our skins have to contend with heating inside, the cold air outside, and the every present need for SPF no matter what the time of year. This makes my skin go a little lopsided and it is by no means fun!!

In the run up to the wedding, I have made a little list of things that I want to look after and make sure that I am 100% happy. My Skin is right up there in as number 2 (my body/health and my nails make an appearance either side of this entry, but that is for another post and another time). In a bid to bring my skin to it’s best, I have gone through my arsenal and picked out my top 5 products that I will be using to make this happen….so let’s get into the good stuff:

Cleansers are amazing things! Back in the day they use to be these horrid liquids makes my Clean and Clear that dried your skin into sand. Now they are these magical things that met your day off in a few swipes.

This amazing cleaner from Algenist Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser is amazing! I use this every day as my first cleans to get rid of the makeup and I ick from the day. It also works as a relaxing start to my routine. It has this amazing fragrance that fills the room and just brings me joy. The best part about this: it’s anti-aging and will hopefully stunt the growth of my forehead lines that are making an appearance! 

Face Wash:

For my second cleanse, I like to keep things something super gentle and relatively scent free. This is mainly because i like the scent of my first cleanse to linger as much as possible. This amazing La Roche-Posay Effaclar is fantastic! It’s gentle, soap free and perfect for my oily, but sensitive skin. 

If I am using this on one of the days that I am not using a physical exfoliator I like to apply my face wash and then go to town with my Foreo Luna Play. This gently removes the dead skin, and stimulates my skin to bring back a bit of the life that is lost over Winter.

This is not the stuff you put in photocopiers or printers, this is the amazing elixir that makes my skin feel tight and clean post double cleanse. 

As I have mentioned before, I am rather partial to Clinique products, and they happen to make my all time most repurchased product. Their Clarifying Lotion for Dry Combination skin (aka The Purple One) is amazing! It is strong enough to do it’s required job, however I do not feel like I have dunked my head in pure vodka!

Eye Cream:

I have mentioned this cream before, so I will do my best not to gush too much, but The Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado has been a game changer!

 It soothes my horrid eczema thing I get on my eye and helps to keep it at bay. I tend to slather this on in the morning so it has absorbed by the time put my makeup on at the office. I have even gone as far as going to bed looking like a green panda and let it work it’s magic overnight!


When I was first introduced to skin oils, all I could think was “Oil on my greasy T-Zone? Is that wise?”, but I have since done my research and consulted the lovely Ladies at my local Space NK and they have shown me the way! Oil on Oil is not a bad thing! Oil on Oil will reduce your greasy-ness and help your skin reduce the oil production. 

This Caudalie Overnight Oil has been amazing for my skin, and has been a nightly skin rescuer over the last few weeks. Everywhere has felt so dry and made my skin feel like sandpaper, so it is nice to have something so hydrating and soothing to bring it back to life.

One downside though: I have used it so much that I am at that point where the pipet does not reach the oil in the bottle. The sad part of using up a product you love is starting to hit me!

Special Bonus Beauty Essential: A Spoon!

I know this may sound odd, but, I hate sticking my fingers in pots of face cream. I have mid-length nails and the product gets trapped under them. It is not just gross, but wasteful! You end up using half a pot of cream up as a hand cream!

My little spoon allows me to not feed my nails face cream, and keeps it cool as it goes onto my skin.

Hopefully, following my own advice will give me glowing on my big day, and everyday in the run up!

Let me know if you use any of these so I can hear what you think of them!

Happy Skin Care lovelies xXx Have a great weekend xXx

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