November Favourites 

It’s cold, It’s dark and it is generally looking a little wintery out there. This can only mean one thing: November is nearly over and it is nearly time for Christmas!! It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year (yes I just sang that….out loud!)
With the end of the month comes some a very bittersweet realisation that it is the end of another year, and that it is nearly time to do the end of year weight itn (yuck), but it is time to put up the Christmas tree and feel generally Merry and Bright (yes I sang that too).
Ok, enough singing, let’s get into the monthly favourites. As always this is a little run down of the things that have been getting me through the month. 
In The Kitchen:
As per usual, my love for coffee has been ever present in my daily life. My day is not complete without my daily dose of black gold! In secret effort by The Boy to stop me drinking the entire 8 cup espresso pot in one go, he brought me this little double shot coffee maker! As you know, I love coffee from the stove, there is nothing quite like it, and this little one is no exception!

It perfectly produces 2 single espressos in their own little cups, which is just perfect! All they need is a little bit of foamed milk hats to make the perfect macchiato! 

In The Bathroom:

After The Boy and I got engaged,I have to make some rather life difficult decisions. The venue for our big day, the sort of “theme” we are having and finally: what to do about my hair! As you all know, right now my fringe is purple and and makes me feel like a unicorn! It’s great, but it is not the bridal look I was going for. So….to save money, and help the bleach grow out, I have stopped having my hair dyed. This does not mean that the purple has stayed! Like any pastel colour over bleach, it fades super quickly and turns to a hideous ashy blond. In a bid to keep my colour fresh, I have re-invested in probably my favourite shampoo of all time! It keeps my purple intact and smells amazing! Added bonus, my hair keeps its great glossy condition with basically zero work. Hooraay for lazy hair!

In The Bedroom:

As you all saw last week, skincare is a big thing for me right now! I can not get enough of the beautiful products that are in my bedside draw or in my bathroom. 

To go with the amazing Oils and Serums I am using at the moment, I have been adding a new little step into my routine that makes everything sink into my skin and work a million times better: A Jade Roller.

This may look like a torture device, however this relatively inexpensive tool has made my products more effective as it slowly pushes them into my skin as a final step before I go to sleep. The small end is great for morning puffy eyes, and the larger end is great for if you have a headache as well!

In The Living Room (AKA: The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa)

I’m focusing on nails for a second month in a row…woops! Sorry guys, however I’m loving changing up my polish regularly again, and with that comes playing with new techniques and toys!

This month I have been playing with simple designs and found that cheap makeup sponges are the must have tool for creating soft designs for any time of year! I have been using them to apply glitter, add some colour to a plane design, and soften the harsh lines of the rediscovered french manicure! I have even been using them to create an ombre effect (I will do a post about this soon).

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka: My Handbag)

I appreciate that this is not strictly in my handbag, however it is something I use in my gym bag which I carry around as much as I carry my handbag, so I have let myself off!!

This month I have been really appreciating my Pusheen Coin Pouch. I keep all my gym “accessories” in this little guy whilst I am not in the gym, and whilst I am working out, I pop in all the things I should not be using whilst I am working out. So, at the beginning of my session I switch my earrings and my necklace for 2 giant hair clips to keep my hair out the way, as well as a charger cable for my headphones. It’s just a great way of keeping everything together on the move…….how can you not love this little face!!

Well, that is it for another month! Please check back in next week for the Christmas Season to start! There will be some great posts coming up, so please don’t forget to stop in! 
Have a great weekend everyone! xXx Hugs and love xXx

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