1 Shirt 3 Ways: The Festive Edition

‘Tis the season to be jolly…but I have nothing to wear to my social events! Never fear, the simple white shirt is here to save the day, no matter what the occasion.
As always I am going to go through 3 ways to wear my favourite white t-shirt over the season. So, enough with the rambling and let’s get into it…..

To The Pub With Friends:

With Christmas fast approaching I find invitations to go to the pub with friends are becoming more frequent. With this comes the need for warm, but layered outfits that need very little prep….we all know what Old Pubs can be like…drafts are not fun!!

Pairing my shirt with these grey jeans and elbow patch cardigan keeps me super warm, but also allows me to cool down after having a few glasses of wine….the joys of wine face!
Formal Christmas Dinner:
For those super fancy Christmas dinners (usually with the family from out of town), I love to keep my look simple and chic. This way I don’t have to think too hard, or stress out before going out.

Black Trousers, Kitten Heels and a White Blazer…..how could you go wrong with that?
The Christmas Dance:

I have so many people ask “Why would you wear a t-shirt to a formal event?” That’s the beauty of the white t-shirt, it can be dressed up and down as much as you need to make to look perfect for every event!

By adding a floor length skirt and wrap this simple white t-shirt has been upgraded into a formal outfit in no time at all. I am not comfortable with tucking in this sort of shirt as yet, but tucking it into a height waisted skirt would look just as perfect and just as formal!
So, that was it for another year in 1 item 3 ways! I hope you have enjoyed this little series, and Thank You Marks and Spencer’s for the perfect t-shirt that will keep my daily outfit choice that little bit simpler!

Don’t forget to come back in January for the start of another 1 item 3 ways series!
Have a great weekend everyone! Hugs and Love xXx

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