Christmas Cookies – Snickerdoodles and Friends

Christmas cookies have to be the best cookies in the world! They bring with the warm memories of when loved ones made these for us, when we made the ourselves for the first time, and they joy we pass on to others in the next generation and beyond.
For me there is nothing quite like Gingerbread at Christmas, however this year i have had zero time to make and do anything, so I have opted for making something just as festive, but a little quicker and easier to bake in bulk.

Sinckerdoodles are funny little cookies! They start of life like a wet sugar cookie, and then as if by magic rolling them in sugar makes them something completely different! The sugar brings with it a sparkle of glistening snow, and the cinnamon brings the festive zing…..ok…now I’m hungry…let’s get into the recipe before I eat my keyboard!
Today you are going to need:

240g melted stork, 180g light brown sugar, 100g caster sugar, 1 egg, 1tsp vanilla extract, 300g self raising flour.

As always, let’s start with turning your oven up to full blast to preheat your oven.
In a large bowl, pop in your melted stork, sugar and mix thoroughly. 

After this, the mixture will be cool enough to add in you egg and vanilla. Please be super careful as if you add the egg when the melted stork is too hot, you will end up with scrambled egg!
Now all your wet ingredients are together, add in a 3rd of your flour. Please sift is carefully as lumpy cookies are not fun!

Repeat this step until all the flour is incorporated.
At this stage, your mixture should be the same texture of mashed potato, so please don’t about it being too soft! If you are still worried, add in a few more teaspoons of flour and mix well.

Now it’s time to pick your coatings! Cinnamon sugar is the most traditional for this time of year, but I love it mix things up and add in some other Christmassy Flavours. 

For half of this batch of cookies, I have gone for Hazelnut and Cocoa Nibs…..basically because it makes the cookies taste like Ferrero Roche! 

Scoop out a teaspoon of the mixture and roll it into a ball. Pop the ball into your coating and roll it around. Make sure that you are generous!

Now you are ready to pop them on the tray, drop your oven down to 170 and bake for 10 minutes…or until they are golden around the edge.

So, that’s it! Quick and Easy Christmas Cookies!!!!!! Now it is time to sit back and enjoy with a cup of tea, or even mulled wine with friends and family!
I hope you all enjoy the last weekend before Christmas!! See you on Christmas Eve for another festive recipe!
Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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