Mulled Yumminess – Mulled Apple Juice and Mulled Cider

Happy Christmas Eve Lovelies!!!! I hope you are all relaxing at home with your families, and not rushing around like crazy trying to finish everything up!

Well, in The House of Lotz things are currently super chilled! Yes I am posting this in real time….this is what focusing on Christmas and not my blog does…..but fear not! This is not a “Merry Christmas, see you in the New Year” post. I have content for you all today, and next week……

So, enough waffling, let’s get into the best kind of Christmas Post and talk about Mulled Cider……

Mulled Cider has to be one of my favourite things to drink over the festive period, however I always feel like people think it is far too much hassle. I promise it’s really not! The amount of effort it takes to crack open that bottle of pre-mixed mulled cider you brought at the supermarket and heat it up, is the exact amount of time and effort you need to make your own! You can even switch out the cider for apple juice to make it friendly for those who do not drink alcohol…..or if you are making it way before lunch time like I am! 


Today, all you are going to need is:

A bottle of cider or apple juice. Star Anise, half a cinnamon stick, a clementine and a handful of cloves.
First thing to do is take your clementine and spike it with your cloves. This is probably the most satisfying thing I have done all day, and it smells amazing!

Pour your cider into a medium sized saucepan and add in your studded clementine, Star Anise and cinnamon stick.

Pop your stove on a medium heat and let everyone make friends for a few hours. 

Once it is nice and warm and starts to fill your home with a Christmassy scent, you know it is ready to enjoy!

If you are making this for a party, you can make it in a slow cooker and leave it on all day. Just top up with the liquid of your choosing to keep it going.

So, with that thought, I will stop waffling about Christmas and yumminess and leave you all to your family, friends and festive joy!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hugs and love for the festive season xXx

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