December Favourites

Wow! That was fast! The year seems to have gone so quickly and it is well and truly scary! It feels like only the other day I was getting over excited about Autumn. 

December is such a funny little month! It is so busy with getting all the Christmas treats ready for loved ones, that I have not had a chance to try anything new, or really think about the things I have been loving for the month…so i have cobbled together this little list of things that have been keeping me going…just…

In The Kitchen:
This month I have been spending most of my time in the kitchen cursing and moaning that our knives are rubbish! We have had the same knives since we moved in together about 8 or so years ago and they have finally given up. 

My amazing Uncle and Aunt must have heard me moaning from all the way in Exeter and brought us a new set for Christmas! These things are amazing and they could not have come at a better time! They cut through potatoes like they are made of air…its great! Added bonus, they look super chic in our kitchen.

In The Bathroom:
Christmas time only means one thing….it’s time to get EVERYTHING from Lush. The best part of the Lush Christmas launch is Rose Jam shower gel.

For those who are not aware of this, Rose Jam shower gel is only available once a year and for those crazy people who love it (i.e. Me), go a little bit crazy and by every bottle they can get their hands on (again me). 

So, since I now have a nice new bottle of my festive treat, I have been using it in every shower! It smells a little something like rosehip blossoms, and that just makes me heart happy.
In The Bedroom and in The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka The Living Room)

So, over the last month I have been doing a lot of research into this growing craze for a Nordic thing called Hygge. It’s basically the art of being cosy and comfy all the time. I appreciate this is not the best summary of something I am still researching, but this is my jumping off point so I will run with it.

Anyway, from the the research I have started doing, I have decided to incorporate tea lights into my everyday life a little bit more. You all know that i love a good candle, so having them on all the time flickering away is just so soothing. I have had them shining away in the bedroom and the living room all month, and they really have brought in this extra sense of coziness this festive season.
In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in my hand bag):
As with most stressful times, I have worn myself out in the run up to Christmas. With that has come the delightful little trick my lip does when my body has just had enough….my lip has gone purple. This always makes me look like i have been smacked in the face, so I have been covering it with every trick in my arsenal.

As it is Christmas, my favourite red lip has been popping into circulation more often that I would like to admit. I am very lucky to have tries a fair few of these over the time, and Chanel just come out on top each time.
So that was it, that was the last favourites round up of 2016. 
Thank you all so much for staying in The House of Lotz for another year! You have no idea how much it means to have you all here sharing this with me.

Pop back in next week for a special birthday edition….it’s my little home’s second birthday!

Happy New Year Everyone! May 2017 bring you joy, peace and love xXx

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