The House of Lotz Birthday Cupcakes

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you had the most amazing celebrations and that you are all ready to get into the swing of the amazing things that a New Year can offer you.

Today makes a very special day in The House of Lotz… we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the doors of my internet home being open. 2 years ago today I posted for the very first time, and from that day I never looked back. I have been bringing you insights into my little home once a week for over 100 weeks now, and I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for visiting week after week!
All of the wonderful guests who have passed through my doors I have welcomed with a warm heart, a warm cup of tea and a hope that they have enjoyed their stay. Today I can say that I feel I like they have. I am 2 years into this crazy little journey, and every single one of you have made me feel like what I have to say is making your day as much as it makes mine to see you all here.
To mark this special little Birthday, I thought is was only fitting to make some special cupcakes to help us celebrate. Today, we are making “Inside Out Cupcakes”.

Forget everything you know about Cupcakes and let’s get into making something a bit different:
You will need:

2 eggs, 130g Self Raising Flour, 130g Stork, 130g Caster Sugar, 1tsp vanilla extract and a packet of sprinkles.

You will also need Stork and Icing sugar for the frosting.
Note: there is no typo above, you really do need the sprinkles for the sponge!

So…..let’s get started with the Birthday Cupcake Goodness!

First thing as always, pop your oven on full heat and leave it to heat up. This way you get a great rise from your cakes and in the winter time, it warms up your kitchen…..which is never a bad thing!

Whilst your oven is warming, cream your Stork and caster sugar together until it is light and fluffy. 

Once this is all light and soft, add 1 egg and half of your flour. Beat these together well, but please be careful not to overwork the mixture otherwise it will split.

Add in the last egg and other half of the flour. Follow the same steps as above so again, make sure you don’t have a split mixture. 

Now here comes the fun part: liberally sprinkle your sprinkles into your cake mixture and carefully fold them in. 

Once these are well dispersed throughout the mixture, divide the mixture into the cases, drop the oven down to 180 and bake these little guys for 25 minutes. As always, if these are not quite done, leave them to bake for another 5 minutes. 

Whilst these little guys are baking away, it’s time to mix up some frosting. 
You guys know how I feel about frosting, it’s all about eyeballing it. 

To make enough frosting for 12 cupcakes, I take about 100g of Stork, beat well, and add icing sugar a tablespoon at a time. Once you have the consistency you are looking for, it’s time to frost.

These little guys are great for Kids Birthdays, as well as blog Birthdays and will last up to 2 days. 

These are equally yummy with chocolate frosting or even lemon, however, you can not really make the same changes in the sponge….you just can’t see the pretty sprinkles!

I hope you have all enjoyed this little gush and yummy cupcake recipe! Let me know if you give this a try by using the hashtag #thehouseoflotz on Instagram!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hugs and love xXx

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