What’s been going on? The Life Update

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and that your week had been quick and stress free!
So like I mentioned in my monthly favourites last week, things have been a little bit unbalanced for a while. I have missed some posts (I actually still owe you one more that is coming in a few days), ignored my phone and social media platforms. This has gone so far as ignoring family, and even hiding from The Boy.
This week I wanted to share some honesty and advice about how to keep going when everything feels so dark and horrible.
So, what has been going on? What brought this one? What am I doing to get myself out of my funk……..?
The Big Picture:

As a mentioned a while back, like a large amount of the population I suffer with mental health issues. I believe that everyone does at some sort of level but we react in different ways. 
Personally I suffer with a combination of depression and anxiety. I find that when they pop up separately I am able to handle them, but to be honest it’s a funny little combination. When they decide to pop up at the same time they results in paranoia that can be so bad it makes me physically sick. 
The main issue with these 2 things, it that one feeds the other. When I am anxious, it makes me sad, which feeds my depression, then I get worried that I am heading in a downward spiral which freaks me out, then I worry that people can see that I am suffering and they are talking about me….and so on and so on. 
I like to call this horrid cycle “Spinning out”. If anyone has seen NCIS there is a character called Abbey (my girl crush by the way) who has a tendency to talk with no spaces, this is exactly what my brain feels like. It’s like a monologue that keeps going going going and doesn’t stop until you hit the bottom of the well.
What brought this little spat on?

I have two things to say: Wedding and People!
Wedding are stressful and so are people.
Planning a wedding takes a lot of thought, time and effort. You have to think of all the legal stuff as well as all the pretty stuff that goes into it. 
With these things also comes people. There are those who like to give their opinions (positive and negative) over what you have picked, those who give passing advise that it sometimes helpful, and those who are happy to sit quietly.
These people are all helpful and not helpful all at the same time, but if you are like myself and take whatever people say to heart, these voices will multiply, run around your head for a week, making you anxious, then sad and then sick. (See, spinning out…..again….and it’s not fun!)
What have I been doing to make myself feel better?

Now we have got through the sad reflective part of this post (I currently have tissues dotted around my office), it’s time for the tips part. These are the 3 things I have been doing to improve my mental health over the last few weeks:
Get back into your routine: I find that when I get into this cycle it is important to keep up my usual routines. According to my therapist, keeping to your routines can balance out the chemicals in your brain and make your depression/anxiety/paranoia ease off a bit faster. 

The Boy and I have a standing breakfast date on a Sunday and date night on Wednesday that I do not like to give up unless either of us really have to. We have even extended this to taking the whole day together on a Sunday and it is doing me a world of good!
Phone Ban: ok, so this sounds a little extreme, but it is not that bad! I now don’t answer my phone and check any social media after work or at the weekends unless I want to. I find that this is a great way of freeing up time for other things that can contribute to your general mental wellbeing. 
Sweat it out: I am super lucky to have a wonderful friend who keeps me accountable for my gym habits. At my regular request she has had me sweating bullets, and it instantly makes me feel better! The endorphins that are produced when you exercise are amazing for bringing you mood back up. You also have to really pay attention to what you are doing in the gym……this is not a time for a spinning out brain meltdown…mainly because you have to concentrate on what you are doing and not drop weights on you feet, or punch your friend rather than the punching bag.
Bonus Tip: if you are having an anxiety attack, count numbers out of sequence. Your brain can not panic and count non-sequentially at the same time!
So, that’s what has been going on in The House of Lotz. I have a feeling that this will be the running trend of this year, however, please know that I am here and thinking of you! Even if I have not posted, I am still around!
If any of you have similar feelings or issues, please feel free to keep the conversation going below xXx 
Have a great weekend xXx

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