One Skirt Three Ways: Winter Edition

Style is such a funny thing. You can give 2 people exactly the same wardrobe and I can guarantee that they will not style the same pieces the same way…..well unless they are pre-teen/teenage girls of current years. It seems that they are ok with matching each other….crazy people!!

This year I wanted to showcase an item that I wear more than I thought. It was only when I wanted to wear it and I was sad that it was in the wash that I realised this was a must have piece that could be worn a million ways….or in my case a million days in a row!
So, this year I am doing One Skirt Three Ways featuring my Asos Jersey Pencil Skirt.
This item is super affordable and super comfortable. It also has a wonderful fit! I am relatively short, but the hem hits me at just the right point below the knee that is very flattering!
So, that’s the piece love fest done, now it’s time for the outfit ideas:
Sunday Brunch:

As mentioned in my post last week, The Boy and I have a long standing brunch date in the calendar every Sunday where we munch, chat and just have a bit of fun.

Just because it’s brunch doesn’t mean I always wear what can only be described as a post yoga outfit. I can 100% guarantee I have not worked out in the morning, but I basically go for a super comfy outfit! 
To add a bit of glamour to my super comfy outfit, I have been switching my leggings for my pencil skirt and pumps. Adding a comfy jumper and casual flats to your pencil skirt brings a bit of softness to a glamour out piece as well as working the other way round.
A Day In The Office:

Office outfits in winter need to combine all of the following needs in one place: comfy, warm, professional and simple. There is nothing I hate more than a stuffy/fussy work outfit……it takes me long enough to get comfy in my desk chair so I do not need an uncomfortable outfit to go with it!

My current go to outfit is what I like to call my “Wednesday Addams Office Wear”. This jumper is warm cozy, comfy and simple. Adding in the loafers (that are very trendy at the moment) completes the outfit nicely without having to add in some heels.
Fancy Birthday Dinner:

Even when I am going out somewhere nice, I like to keep it simple. This way I still look and feel like myself without having to worry about having a confidence crisis halfway through the evening.

I have paired my ever faithful black heels with an open back shirt to add a little something extra for a special occasion.
Well, that’s it for this week everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the newest addition to the 1 item 3 ways series.
Sending you massive hugs and love xXx Have a great weekend xXx

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