One Skirt Three Ways – Spring Edition

Pink blossom is on the trees, birds are singing, the days are getting brighter and longer……these 3 things can only mean one thing……Spring is here!! 
As well as the blossom, spring has also brought with it the “less than 250 days” bracket of the wedding countdown….this may seem like a random statement, but trust me, this will make sense as the post goes on!
As always, I am going to go through the 3 ways I have/will be staying my favourite pencil skirt over Spring……..let’s get into it!
Meeting after meeting after meeting:

The last few weeks have been manic! If I am not sitting in meetings/calls during my 9-5, I am at wedding meetings. So this outfit have has been my go to for comfort (meeting room chairs are not comfortable) and it looks professional.

Tucking a smart denim shirt into my pencil skirt and adding a tan sandal gives what could be a stuffy work outfit a modern twist.
Lunch, Brunch and Weekend Wedding Appointments:

Like I said, when I’m not at my 9-5, I am in wedding meetings with The Boy. 

So I am able to make a seamless transition from a yummy lunch date into a wedding appointment, I have been keeping things simple with a comfy jumper and my loyal tan sandals (please don’t judge me, I have these in 2 colours). I look put together, but not too 9-5 put together!
Dinner Date with The Boy:

These moments do not happen very often! The last few months have been crazy, so the only time The Boy and I have had together is at wedding appointments. To fix this, we went out for a lovely dinner and switched off for a while!

Adding my little frilly white t-shirt and pumps to my classic skirt makes for a fun date night outfit that I can actually eat in.
So that is the Spring Edition of One Skirt Three Ways! Come back soon for the Summer Edition…..bring on the flip flops!!
Have a great weekend xXx Hugs and Love xXx

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