What I Eat in a Day: Spring Day at The 9-5

Recently I had a very interesting conversation with a group of friends about the way we all eat. Some follow diets given by their doctors, some follow the fads that come and go, others are Mums and just grab what they can and then there is me…..

I should be use to not fitting in in most situations, but the way I eat is probably the most different to all my friends….particularly now! 
At this very moment in time most people would pop me in the ‘Shedding for the Wedding’ basket but in actual fact, I’m out to play the long game! Yes I have tweaked the way I eat, and yes I am working out with one of my favourite people to get my butt in shape, but this is not just about the results I want for a white dress……
I’ve been working hard for nearly a year to make a difference to my health. The Boy and I want to spend the rest of our lives together, so I’m not letting him get off easy with me keeling over at 55 from a heart attack.
My previous eating ‘style’ was not the best! I had just come out the other side of a very big battle with mental health which resulted in me piling on pounds (I do love to eat my feelings). Before all of this I had dropped down to a very happy size (but not in the right way) but during this time I found I could not keep up with diet, and therapy, and work, and life and trying to push myself through the day. Something had to give, and life gave me unhelpful food choices.
Now I’m on a slightly different journey and I wanted to share with a little series of ‘What I Eat In A Day’ so I can share some tricks I have picked up along the way…..so…..let’s get into it:
The Day:

This particular day was a Sunny Monday spent at my 9-5. This was a day filled with meetings, a short dash out at lunch and a gym session.
Before the commute:

Every day for me starts with a massive glass of water, very quickly followed by a ‘large shot’ of juice and my vitamins. I take 2 iron and vitamin C tablets with an Evening Primrose Oil. This combo keeps my iron levels up (because the suck) and my hormones in check.

Today juice is the new Naked Cherry Beetroot juice. Very yummy but very rich.
Breakfast at my desk:

I know, this is an awful habit, but I just can’t bring myself to eat at 0630….it’s just not happening guys!! 

Today’s breakfast of choice is porridge with cocoa nibs, hazelnut, chia seeds and flax seeds. I make my porridge with boiling water in this super cute pot….no microwaving needed!! 

This is accompanied by my daily lemon water and a double espresso with a dash of milk.
Between Meeting Snack:

Before dashing from one thing to another I managed to grab a banana and a bottle of water. 

I think by this point my the morning I had already had 2 more of these.
Lunch Time:

This is another meal I take at my desk. I know it’s a horrible habit, but hey it works for me.

Today I’ve gone for a green salad with pear and balsamic glaze, with a side of yoghurt with garlic and pomegranate seeds.

I always feel like savoury yoghurt is overlooked my most people. It’s not just something to add fruit too, or have on something you order when you are out. Yoghurt is so good for you and the good ones are packed with love cultures that are amazing for your digestive health!! 
Afternoon Snack:

Coffee!!! Need Coffee!! 

After lunch I am useless without a coffee. I love the routine of popping to my local Cafe and grabbing something warm and satisfying. Being out of the office for a bit also makes for a very happy Lotz! 
I’m having my usual double espresso macchiato, but today I’m adding this 9 bar. I don’t usually eat things like this, but I fancied a little treat…..and was disappointed! It’s ok, it’s not great! 
Pre-gym Snack:

Grapes….and more water!! 

Ok, this was not just before the gym, but this was the last thing I had before I worked up a sweat.
Dinner Time:
After a long day and not getting home until gone 7, I was very glad that I could throw together leftovers to make something yummy! 

Today we have slow cooked beef tacos. After a long day it was time to treat myself to some cheese. These are really filling, and super tasty! I love creating things from leftovers, so this is one of my go to recipes! 
Things I forgot to photograph:

After all of this yummy food, I spent about an hour on the phone to one of my best ladies so forgot to photograph my last few items for the day.
As always, I finished of my day with 2 cups of Mint Tea and a Kinder Bueno. They are my favourite thing to have for dessert! They are just the right amount of food sweet and because they are individually wrapped, I feel like I can’t over indulge.
Through the day there was also an abundance of water….but then again, there always is with me! 
Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little walk through my day! For me, I feel like it is balanced enough without getting obsessive! I usually add in a lot more veggies, but today was an unusually busy one! 
Come back soon for more instalments of my new series! 
Have a great weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

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