March Favourites!

Happy Spring Everyone!

I can’t speak for everyone, but Spring has defiantly sprung in The House of Lotz and we could not be happier! The days are longer and brighter, the bees are out and all the blossom is on the trees. My allergies are not so impressed, but never mind!
Last Month:

As you all may have noticed, I did not post a favourites last month. There are 2 reasons for this……1) I was rather busy with Wedding, Life and Blah Blah Blah and 2) I have not been able to sit and really work out what I have been enjoying over the last month. 
This Month:

I have a been feeling a little more on top of things! I reassessed, but my big girl panties on and generally got my s*** together so everything is now back to normal!
So, with all of that in mind….let’s get into March Favourites!
In The Kitchen:

I might have mentioned before, but I have a very strange obsessions with almonds! Anything that is advertised as being made with almonds, flavoured with almonds or has anything almond-y involved I am there! 

To make this obsession even “worse”, I have discovered the Unroasted Almond Milk from Alpro, which I have been using in my coffee. It makes for an amazing morning coffee and hot chocolate! Unlike most almond milks, it is not too sweet and doesn’t give me a sugar rush! This has to be the best almond milk I have tried so far!
In The Bathroom:

In the bid to declutter my life, I have been making it my mission to tidy each room of our home one by one and get rid of things we don’t need. The bathroom has not be spared this fate!!

After decluttering and reorganising our bathroom cupboards I found we needed some storage for “mini” products. Anything travel size needed to be in one place…..

I found this amazing little storage box in John Lewis that matches our bathroom perfectly….bonus, it fits all our little products and keeps them all out of the way!
In The Bedroom:

Skin oils have to be my favourite part of my skin care! It is that amazing part of my routine that signals that it is nearly time for bed.

I have recently switched over the the Kiehl’s Overnight Recovery after being very loyal to another oil for the last year. To be fair, it has been a welcome change and I love the new oil. It keeps my skin hydrated and smells amazing!

Lovelies: please do not be scared of oils or serums! They will to make your skin oily because you have used them, they bring back all the brightness and hydration that your skin needs!!
In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka In The Livingroom):

As part of my office set up in the livingroom, I have been using our footstool as my desk…..but it has been that little bit too high for me to sit properly on the floor and work without giving me back pain. 

In a bid to make myself a little more comfortable, I took one of my besties advice and invested in a beanbag cushion. This gives me a little lift so I can work better, and it keeps my in the correct position. 

(This was from John Lewis but was the last one and in clearance….sorry).
In The Portable House of Lotz (aka In my Handbag):

For my Birthday The Boy and I made our usual trip to Harrods for a spot of shopping. This year I could not even think of something to ask for……until I popped to the Louis Vuitton counter. I love Louis Vuitton and wanted to add a new little family member to my SLG (small leather goods) collection. 

After about 30 minutes of testing and mooching, I came across this 6 key pouch. This little guy has a bar across the top with 6 rings that you can add your keys too. 

This may be something that your granny would use, however, now I have one I can not live without it!
So, that was March everyone! I hope you enjoyed this little walk through what has been keeping me going this past month!
Stay tuned for next week as a baking post will be coming up!
Have a great weekend everyone xXx hugs and love xXx

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