Spring Nail Polish Picks – perfect for every occasion

Saturdays are for one thing: Manicures! 
Ok, they are also for coffee and loads of other fun things, but I always do my best to change my nail polish because I hate taking my 9-5 manicure into the weekend…..who needs a reminder that Monday is coming all weekend….I don’t think so!
This season I have set myself a challenge: to not use nude nail polish for as long as possible! I have the horrible habit of using nude nail polish all the time…it’s a very strange loop to be in…and it is very boring! 

Anyway, today I wanted to show you my top picks for Spring manicures…that will hopefully break me out of my “nude rut”….


Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in “Wish You Were Here”

Takes 2 coats for full coverage, 3 for a strong solid colour.

This beautiful soft shade is perfect for those days where you need a little pick me up. It brings a little pep to my step which I just love!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in “B Girl”

Takes 3 coats for full coverage. These 3 coats will give a strong colour.

This is a good alternative to the classic Essie shade “Mint Candy Apple”. It is a softer mint that the Essie shade which makes it easier to wear. 

Jessica Phenom Vivid Colour in “Copacabanna Beach”

Takes 2 coats for full colour, 3 coats for even strong coverage.

This beautiful periwinkle is so far out of my comfort zone, but I just love it! It’s so bring and springy it just makes me smile!
These 3 nail polishes will be my new season’s neutrals which I will be sporting until Summer rolls around…….I will do my best not to opt for a nude polish……watch this space!!
Have a great weekend everyone xXx Hugs and Love xXx

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