Lemon Loaf – Drizzle, Poppy Seed or Both?

Lemon cake is such a springy thing! There is nothing quite like switching out chocolate (not fully but a little bit) for something a bit zingy and fresh!

What comes with my friends and lemon cake is a random discussion of preference……apparently people I know are either poppy seed people, or drizzle people. It’s an odd thing……however in typical Lotz fashion, I am the odd one out and I love both!
To moderately appease everyone, I have found a way to combine the 2 aspects of the best lemon cakes into 1….so here goes!
Today you will need:

130g Stork, 130g Sugar, 150g Self Raising Flour, 2 eggs, the zest and juice of 3 lemons, 2 tablespoons of poppy seeds.
Tip: squeeze 1 lemon first, save the other 2 for later. 1 is for the sponge, 2 are for the drizzle. 
You will also need your usual mixing game bowels, zester, juicer and loaf pan. 
As always, we start with turning the oven up to full heat so it can pre-heat.
Beat your sugar and butter in your mixing bowl until it is light and fluffy…in colour and texture.
At this stage, it is time to zest your lemons and add the zest to the creamed mixture. Now, I like my lemon cake to have a lot of flavour, so I add the zest of all 3 lemons. If you are not into something this strong, go with 1.5 to start off with.

Leave your creamed zesty mixture to rest for about 10 minutes so all the oils from the zest can really infuse the mixture. This is the perfect time to have a cup of tea….and juice your lemons.
Once rested give your creamed mixture a good mix to bring it back to it’s fluffy texture.
Now time to add your eggs, lemon juice and flour.
The best way to combine these ingredients without having your mixture split is:
Egg 1, a third of the four, egg 2, a third of flour, juice of 2 lemon, last third of flour.
Should you feel that the mix is still too wet, add a tablespoon of flour. This usually fixes all problems!
Add in your poppy seeds. This may seem like a small amount, but poppy seeds are incredibly tiny, so you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Pop your mixture in the lined loaf pan ready to pop in the ove. To make sure you get a nice even crust, make a dip in the middle of the mixture. This will make it look a little bit like a brick, but trust me….your sponge will not have and lumps or bumps.

Drop your oven down to 180 degrees and bake for 25-35 minutes.Your cake should look golden on the top and be super bouncy to the touch.
Whilst it is still hot from the oven grab a cocktail stick and stab the life out of the top crust of your cake. 

Where you have made your wholes, poor over your remaining lemon juice. This will make the cake super moist and add an extra lemony kick.

(Traditionally you would make a syrup from sugar and the lemon juice, but I like to keep it extra simple)

This cake is best served with tea and a side of yoghurt with berries. 
I hope you enjoy your cake filled weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

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