June Favourites

Happy 1st July Everyone!!
How have you all been? I hope you are well and have been enjoying the sunshine!! 
You may have noticed I have been MIA….well…..wedding stuff and the gym have taken over my life! If I’m not doing my 9-5, I’m in the gym…..and at the weekends, all we seem to be doing is wedding stuff. Anyone would think that this is an important occasion to us and that it takes a tone of planning (can you feel the eye roll??).
Unfortunately, because of all of this, The House of Lotz has taken a back seat. This sucks so much, but over the last few weeks I have discovered that doing a few things well is better than doing 500 things badly! 

I don’t want you to think that our doors are closed. This is not the case at all!! I have a massive list of posts that I want to bring to you all…..I just need an extra week inside a week to get it all done!! 

Please forgive me over the next few months!! The Big Day is not far away now, as soon as that is all done, I will be bombarding you with amazing (I hope) content! xXx
I will be bringing you monthly favourites every month as a minimum….however I hope to bring you extra nuggets as much as I can!! xXx
Anyway, enough with all that, let’s get into what I have been loving this month!
In The Kitchen:

In the UK we have just had summer! It was about 7 days and it was beautiful! In that week of beautiful weather, I was desperate for some ice to cool my very warm rosè wine (I know, middle class problems) but not an ice cube could be found. After reading the notes on the back of the bottle, I decided to add the only frozen fruit we had to the glass and pray for the best! 

This was probably the best idea I have had in weeks! It cooled my wine and gave a beautiful Berry flavour that made for a refreshing treat! 

After this I started adding them to water, juices and even yoghurt. Trust me….it’s amazing!! 
In The Bathroom:

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before so forgive me if I am repeating myself:

For years I have, to a certain extent, been in a cycle of self harm. I use to pick my arms constantly when I got stressed or depressed…..I am out of the cycle thanks to The Boy. (Please do not think I am being blaise about this, but this is the truth and I have moved past this through a lot of hard work and tears on my part)

Anyway, back to the point…..after years of doing this I get ingrown hairs on my arms all the time! 

To help these little guys on their way (as well as keeping me away from my old ways) I have gone back to using a fine body scrub. This one I picked up TKMaxx is amazing!! It makes our bathroom smell like a spa….but it does leave the bathtub looking very grey….woops!!
In the Bedroom:

After all this exfoliating and scrubbing, it’s time to nourish my skin!

I have fallen back in love with the Nuxe body oil! It’s a dry oil, so you do not end up sliding all over the place, yet it nourishes your skin beautifully! I have been known to pop any excess from my hands into my hair (the joys of bleached hair). Added bonus; it makes my tattoos look that much brighter and clearer.
In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka In The Livingroom):

So, I am focusing on my office and my stationery addiction…..again!! 

This month I treated myself to these beautiful pastel Papermate pens! They write beautifully, do not bleed through the pages in my planner and just generally make me smile. This brand of pen will always remind me of my Nan (my Dad’s Mum), and in the run up to the wedding I seem to miss her more and more these days.
In The Portable House of Lotz (aka In The Handbag):

As it has been super sunny in the UK and I am super pale, I have been relying on Sunscreen more than usual!

I have been using my faithful summer sidekick to keep my skin from burning! 

It is even perfect to use on your face as it is not too greasy. I even use it to protect my tattoos! 
Well, that was June in The House of Lotz! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs and love xXx

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