The Perfect Coffee Moment

Coffee is such a funny subject to dedicate a post too, however I have mentioned my coffee addict status before so this should not come as a shock!

Along with this status comes with a host of problems.

1) I moan about coffee A LOT!
2) The Nespresso arguments
3) Your friends are scared of making you coffee in their homes.

The first one is just a given. I send coffee back in places when it is made incorrectly. This is mainly when I have ordered a cappuccino and it comes out like a wet latte or a giant macchiato. So, it’s easier to make it myself, or order an espresso.

Nespresso is great as a fun thing that you get in hotels, however I could never have one in The House of Lotz. My kitchen is way too small to accommodate another fun toy. We would have to get rid of the toaster or the kettle.
It is also the loudest piece of kit I have ever used in my life!! Making your coffee should be a calm experience, and not scare the hell out of you first thing.

Sorry to all my amazing lovelies who make coffee when I pop round! You always make it fantastically so please don't think I’m going to moan about you! I'm just an “out the house” coffee snob!

So, with all of that, I wanted to share how I make, in my mind, the perfect espresso at home…..All you need is the following:

A stove top espresso pot (a Moka);
This is a very traditional way to make coffee in mainland Europe. They are the cornerstone of every Italian kitchen I have been in.
You can pick these up from Amazon and John Lewis at a pretty inexpensive price point, however you can equally spend silly money.
Personally I opted for a traditional shape and style which was around £12.

A stove;
Mokas should not be stove specific. They should work on both Gas and Electric stoves. If you have an Induction Hob, you may need to invest in a conversion plate, or purchase the manufacturer's recommended model.

Ground Coffee (you can use any French press or espresso ground coffee you fancy);
I know this is an odd place to buy coffee, but check out the food isle in T.K.Maxx (T.J.Maxx for all you American guests). They always have amazing flavours and variations that you can’t find in the supermarket.

Always use cold water to make your coffee. As the machine is metal, you will burn yourself!

Your favourite cup;
I love a good cup! If you are of the same mind, you should check out Anthropology and T2 for some beautiful pieces!

To use your Moka, all you need to do is:
Take it apart so you have the 3 sections in front of you.

Fill the bottom chamber with water up to the bottom of the valve ring.

Pop the funnel looking section in the bottom chamber and will it with ground coffee. Tamp it down slightly so it is packed in, but not too tight.

Screw the top chamber back on and pop your Moka on the stove.

Allow all the coffee goodness to bubble on through (until it starts to spit loudly).

Poor into your favourite cup and enjoy!

At this stage you can add water milk/sugar combination you enjoy the most.

Leftover espresso should not be kept for coffee making use after it has gone cold. This is not a safety thing, it just tastes a bit naff! You can however freeze it in cubes to save for iced coffee, or use it in baking.

Hope you all enjoy your coffee xXx sending hugs and love xXx

Have a great weekend xXx

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