New Year New Me?

Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome back to The House of Lotz!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoyed Insta-mas! It was so much fun and I had such wonderful feedback from you all…so…please make sure to hop on over to Instagram (@thehouseoflotz) to see what I have been up to in December!!

Today I wanted to do a little review of 2017 and go through a few bits of housekeeping for 2018… here we go!

What 2017 brought:

This year was such a double edged sword! It was both heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

Let’s start with the heartbreak; we lost my Mama, which basically ended my world! It has taken the whole family so long to grieve and it is a process we are still going though. We all miss her every day and it hurts that she was not physically with us at some very special moments, but we carry her in our hearts every day!!

The beautiful parts;

This is very self indulgent to start of with, but i became a fitter and healthier me! This is a massive thing for me, and I promise to do some posts this year to share what i have learned. My health became a massive issue and it needed addressing quickly, so my lovely friend Pusheen (the fabulous lady behind Happdemic) inspired me and kicked my butt for a solid year! Even when she moved away, I kept her butt kicking going and I could not be happier. This has also brought with it a boost of body confidence and some very positive medical results!

Photo Credit: The Husband. Location: Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. Bikini: ASOS Curve (Bikini Separates)

The Boy and I became Mr and Mrs in October! We rounded up all our friend and family, shoved them in a very beautiful hotel and declared our love in front of them all! I know this sounds very predictable, but: it was truly the best day of my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

We also snuck off to Hawaii to rest for 2 weeks after the very busy period!

Mrs Rings: (From the bottoms up) Wedding Ring from Beaverbrookes, Engagement Ring from Somewhere online (The Husband picked it out, so no idea) Top Ring from Silver Mine Gentlemen’s Rings: Beaverbrookes

What I’m hoping for in 2018:

I’m hoping that the coming year will me a bit “smoother” to say the least! However there are a few things that I hope to sneak in before the year is out!

I’m planning on giving The House of Lotz (both the bricks and mortar home and the digital home) a bit of a face lift! Expect to see a site update, homeware favourites and DIY posts coming your way!

To continue on this healthy journey over the next year. The idea is to get my eating plan and fitness timetable down to such a perfect structure that I can come off my medicines!

I also want to dedicate more time to self care. This includes spending more time with Family, Friends and building in more time to read and check-in with myself! (I’m going to be doing a full self-care post so you can see what I’m going on about)

So that’s it! What are your plans for the next 12 months? How was your 2018?

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies! xXx

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