Self Care Routine

I’m currently sat on the sofa with some home made cookies, a cup of tea a trashy movie on the TV. Tonight is an intense selfcare evening………

OK so this sounds very extreme, however this is the way we think of looking after ourselves. We all think it takes a full day every week, month, quarter, year, lifetime to take care of ourselves in the smallest way. I know I have out it off. I’ll take a rest after I do the dishes, write this email, I need to finish this piece of 9-5 work now……unfortunately this doesn’t serve the people you are trying to answer and it sure as hell does not serve you. You become tired and not satisfied with the things you are producing.

There are a few things that you can fit into your daily routine that can help you look after yourself and make you feel amazing….but they only take a few minutes. Here are 5 things that i have built into my week that really do make me feel like I am taking care of myself….

Taking a midday break:

It is so important to take a mid working day break. There are only so many emails, so many calls and so many meeting you can handle. It is the same if you are home with your children, or just home doing chores, we all need to take some time to refresh.

I like to step away from everything at least once a day, and take a break. To have coffee, just walk around, or sit somewhere else far away from the activities I am trying to undertake. When you return, even after a few minutes, you can tackle them with a fresh head.

Prep time:

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail…or something like that……

I swear, this is the wises piece of advice i have ever been given. Every night before I do to bed, I make sure that I have as much done for the following day as possible. I make my breakfast and lunch so I can just pack it in my bag and go. I make sure my gym bag is ready to go and i lay out my clothes for the next day. It means that i can stay in bed for as long as possible…..and just grab everything without thinking.

This little bit of prep makes me feel like the magic fairies have sorted everything ensuring I come to life in my own time, with the added bonus of being stress free.

Fuel your body:

OK, eating healthy foods is obvious, but you have no idea how may benefits there are to feeding your body what it really needs…..

When I am doing my food plan for the week, I think about everything that is going on in the week to ensure that I am giving my body what it needs. Gym days have more protein for dinner (as I don’t eat meat during the day as by stomach sucks!), non-gym days have lighter foods to make sure I can function at my best.

Family and Friend Time:

We all get so busy during the week that I sometimes think we forget about the people who build us up and make us feel at our best. We do so many things alone, that it is nice to have some time with others.

Since coming out of a stressful time, I now try to make sure that I reply to all my messages at least once a day, and I call my Dadums twice a week. This way I am fully fuelled with love and warm fuzzies to get me through.

My Daily Massage:

This makes me sounds like i am incredibly high maintenance…..but it is not what you think. This is part of my daily skincare routine…..

After I wash the day off my face and brush my teeth I pop myself into bed and start my moisturising…in this I like to really work the product into my skin with a little massage. I will even sneak in a little hand massage with the leftover product that is on my hands…….this makes me sleep like a baby….making it easier to take on the world the next day.

So, this all seems like a lot….I promise you that I don’t do all of these at once during the week, but jeez it is an amazing day when I do!

Have a great weekend everyone xXx enjoy some rest and selfcare xXx

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  1. Self care is so important! I love to try and have a bath at least once a week to relax

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