January Favorites – 2018

Well where did that month go? It feels like only yesterday I was sitting at my desk going through New Years Resolutions!

So…..today I wanted to go through the things that have kept me going through the cold and snow….

In The Kitchen:

As I have mentioned before….I live a very Granny Lifestyle that revolves around routines that keep me sane…..and healthy.

To keep my make sure I take all my vitamins/medication….I sort it all out into these lovely little pots from Muji which I am pretty sure are meant to be used for skin care. Every 10 days I stand in my kitchen and set them all out to make sure I am all healthy and happy!

These little guys have the added bonus of being screw top, and interchangeable so I can bundle some pods together and take them away with me.

In The Bathroom:

I am obsessed with a few things in life, 2 of which have taken up residence in our bathroom.

I have organised (obsession 1) my skincare (obsession 2) into this gorgeous little basket to keep everything together and accessible!

In The Bedroom:

Over the last few months, I have noticed that our bedroom carpet has become a bit squashed and lost a lot of its fluffy-ness…….which made me very sad!!

To bring a little bit of softness (and warmth) to our room, I picked up this sheepskin rug. The shade of grey is goes really well with the colour scheme and “Hygge/Minimal/Chic” vibe I am going for….with the added bonus of being super fluffy and soft on my feet in the morning…..Aaah the benefit of having all the space on my side of the bed!

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka Our Living Room):

To continue on the “Hygge/Minimal/Chic” vibe, I decided that we needed a little home for all of our warm blankets to live…rather than being dotted about the room collecting dust.

This basket came as pair with our laundry basket and has holding all my scarves until my recent declutter, but now resides next to my reading nook (fancier than it sounds) so I can grab a blanket as I read or work.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka In My Handbag):

Over Christmas, the building that houses my 9-5 developed a massive hole in the ceiling. The joys of mixing rain with polystyrene ceiling tiles. With this has come a cold draft above my desk……and the heating being turned up……as well as a delightfully constant dripping coming from behind me.

With all of this, has come dry skin that needs some care!! I have been using my facial spray constantly to keep some kind of moisture in my skin!

So, that was January…..lets see what February brings!

Hugs and love xXx

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