How to plan a wedding: You’re Engaged Now What?

Congratulations you lovely people! Your engaged and I’m sure you could not be happier! It is the most incredible feeling to have the person you love confirm that they want to be with you forever and declare all the things that comes with it.

Once this beautifully intimate declaration has passed, and you have to make the announcement to all you know and love, you are now bombarded with questions and pressure and…..well…far to many things that will bring on anxiety attack!

I found that everyone wants to know the date, where the wedding is, how many people are coming, what your dress looks like…..but it has only been a few days since you became engaged! Between us, Husband and I kept saying “We don’t know, we haven’t decided yet”, but in the back of our heads we are screaming “We got engaged yesterday, how are we meant to know”.

I have spoken to a lovely newly engaged friend of mine who is havening the same problem, so sweetie this is for you. These are my top 3 tips for the newly engaged.

Enjoy The Moment:

Becoming engaged is a beautiful thing. It comes with so many emotions that you need a little while to put yourself in order, and to spend time with your fiancé. I recommend just telling your family and closest friends when you are ready, and ask them to keep it to themselves for a few days.

The Husband and I kept it just for us and our little universe for a week, and then did a formal announcement when you are ready. This was you really get to enjoy the moment without a thousand questions.

Make an Engagement Plan:

When you are ready to, have a conversation with your fiancé about the things you want for your engagement/wedding. You need to be able to agree on having a long or short engagement, big or small wedding, whether you are having an engagment party or not. These things are all important but you should not make these decisions alone……your not getting married to yourself!

Set Some Ground Rules:

Girlfriends, Sisters, Mum’s and Mother In Laws to be get very excited about weddings. Some get a little bit too excited! I have a friend who had her now bridal party bombard here with wedding magazines, Pinterest pages and planner notebooks a week after she got engaged. To some that can be a bit overwhelming….and it made this bride to be run away from planning her own wedding.

Something similar happened to us. We kept getting asked about the date when we had not even found a venue.

Before anyone can get in there and scare you off, tell people you want to take your time and think about things with you fiancé first. No back seat planners please!

I hope this gives you lovelies a little insight into what it’s like to be engaged! Next time, I’m going to talk about important resources you need to start the planning process.

Have a great week guys xXx hugs and love xXx

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