Wedding 101: Things to research and discuss with your fiancé before you plan anything!

Welcome to another instalment of The House of Lotz Wedding Planning Series!

For those of you that are new: Welcome and Congratulations on getting engaged!! This is a little series that I wanted to create that kind of filled in all the gaps that I found in resource material when I was planning my own wedding.

Today I wanted to go through the 5 things you need to research and decide with your fiancé before you even think of spending any money or agree to any suggestions from friends and family.


I know that this may be obvious to everyone, but i really do think this is something that is overlooked! Before you look at anything, you need to sit down with both families and your fiancé to find out what your bottom line is. Make it very clear that there is no obligation for anyone to help you financially, but you would like to know if there is anything they would like to help with before your get your heart set on something. We were very lucky in that my Mum paid for my dress (a story for another day), my Dad and Mama where able to do all my accessories, so this saved us a fortune and allowed us to pay for our bridal party’s outfits.

Don’t forget to go through your family for resources! If your Aunt makes cakes, talk to here for either a contact that can cut you a deal, if your friend is a floris do the same! Every little helps!!

This all sounds so crass, but this is the most expensive day of your life and you do not want to be caught short and not be able to feed your guests on the day!

Home or Away?

Do you want to get married in the UK or opt for a destination wedding? This is a question only you can answer as a couple! There is a massive bonus to getting married abroad in that what you pay for it what you get. Your hotel coordinator will do everything for you so all you have to do is show up.

Getting married at home can also offer this, but it is completely up to you. You need to get this 100% agreed between you before one starts going off and looking at Greece whilst the other is looking at Gloucester!

Save the Season:

Going on from the Home vs Away argument, it’s time to pick a time of year. This sounds daft, but this is a fun conversation to have. We were super lucky in that we both proffer the colder months and love the colours of Autumn, so October was perfect for us! Others may not have this joy, so it is worth having this conversation.

Some people will even go so far as picking their season to match their colour schemes! If you are set on having a pastel coloured day, don’t set your wedding in December!

I even went so far as plotting out the year with all our celebrations on it to make sure we were not clashing with anything. Added bonus, this means that our wedding anniversary is equally spaced out from our birthdays and Christmas so this allows us to spoil each other even more!

It’s All Legal:

This is probably the worst part of the pre-planning/researching process……it’s time to call your local council….and the council in the district you want to get married in!

I know this is a sucky call to make but: did you know that in some districts you can only book your rejestra 12 months before you want to get married? Did you also know that if you are getting married in a district you do not live in, you need to meet with your local council (and pay for that meeting) as well as booking your officiant?

Make sure you get this all set before you set your heart on this spring, but everything is booked until next summer!


Now you have done all of these things, it’s time to pick your venue! I would recommend seeing as many venues as you can,,,,but make sure you go in with an action plan!

The Boy and I made a deal……as he hates appointments like this in general, I picked out all the venues, went to all the appointments and then came to him with the top 3. In my usual over prepared way, I gave him a break down of room prices, package inclusions and price per head on both sit down meal and reception buffet for the evening.

If you and your partner want to do all the appointments together that is great! I would recommend having a little score card system so you can make a decision easily. If you both can’t agree, then it’s not the venue for you.

I hope this has helped you in your pre-planning stage!

Next Time in Wedding 101: Top 5 all round resource materials!

Have a great weekend xXx

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