What’s in my Gym Bag?

I never thought i would be one of those people, but after 2 years of going I am now a gym addict.

Maybe addict is a bit too strong…..gym enthusiast maybe would be a better way to describe it. I am there 3-5 days a week, mainly at lunch times because the gym is empty. My workouts are not really planned or scheduled anymore but I like to hit a few keep point and not do the same workout 2 days in a row.

This gym malarkey started as a thing to shed some flab before the wedding, but after losing 6 stone and seeing some amazing results it has made its way into my routine.

So….being a seasoned gym goer (lol), i have found a few things that I can not live without for my weekly sweats….so here are my top 5 most used things in my gym bag:

My spare glasses:

It’s official, in my 30’s I am not officially blind!!! So much so that I have to wear my glasses every waking moment. However in typical Lotz fashion my new glasses are very pretty and I would like to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

To do this I keep my spare old glasses in my gym bag, just to thrown in to make sure I don’t hit the wrong button on the elliptical….and to read my book on the bike. Yes I know this is an odd habit, but you need to make time where you can……and it’s a darn site safer than reading whilst driving.

Water Bottle/Cup:

An obvious thing to take to the gym, but you would be surprised how many people i have seen taking those teeny tiny plastic cups onto the machines and drinking all of it before they are even a third of a way through their workout.

I have the view of “the bigger the better” when it comes to gym drinks receptacle. I tend to swap between this glass one from Kikki.k and my metal Beast. Both take a liter and I do my best to finish the lot before my hour is up.

Pen and Post-it:

I have always been one of those people that gets absorbed in what they are doing and will forget where I am up to in my workout. I kind of get lost in this circuits cycle and keep going until I fall down.

Having a pen and post-it near me means I can tally up my circuits to make sure i have done the correct amount of repartitions.

Added extra: sticking my post-it to my water bottle means I can hydrate whilst I make my reps off!

Travel Yoga Mat:

This has been the best investment I have ever made! This super soft, super sticky and very portable mat from Sweaty Betty has been the best £50 I have ever spent.

Gym mats are always over worn and usually a bit gross, so by taking your own you have a little bit of home comfort….as well as actively encouraging you to stretch!!!

Added extra: I try to do one yoga/Pilates routine a week (usually on a Friday). If the weather is nice I like to take my workout outside, so by having my own mat i can do this with ease!!

Microfibre Towel:

A standard towel is something I see hanging in our locker room every day. On the up side it’s nice to know my female colleagues shower post workout, but these towels take all day to dry and start to smell after a while.

After having mentioning this to Miss Pusheen, she recommended I try this microfibres option. Takes up a fraction of the space and soaks up the same amount of water if not more.

The one I have is part of a set from Amazon. Very cheap and excellent quality! Having the smaller one with you as is another bonus, as if you are planning a super sweaty workout you can take it around the gym and dry off mid session.

What do you guys keep in your gym bags? Is there anything you would recommend me trying out as we start a new week with new workouts to be had?

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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