Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing is such a buzz word at the moment, however I think people become a bit freaked out by the term. As soon as you say to someone tells you they are making their wellbeing a priority, people think they are mad or have too much time on their hands.

In reality, making your wellbeing a priority means that you are trying to look after yours! Given how fast pace our lives can be,how full on our jobs and social media can be, we need to start putting ourselves first a bit more!

The biggest portion of our day is spent at work…..this is also where we take care of ourselves the least! We start the day with beautiful intentions but as soon as we open our emails those intentions are long gone and we are plotting our trip to the vending machine and skipping lunch to work on something important.

I don’t like to be all preachy but: This is not healthy at all lovely guests! This is the quickest way to put your mental and physical health at risk! Just by asking a few changes, or putting in a few “Plan Bs” you might be able to finish the day not feeling like you have been hit by a bus!

So here are my tips for looking after yourself at work:

Take Regular Breaks:

An obvious one I know, but how many breaks did you take today? Hand on heart, I can say I went to the ladies room twice, filled my water bottle once and took a 40 minute lunch break and that is only because i had to run errands!

Taking regular breaks to just get away from your screen and get the feeling back in your butt can help you be more productive and able to take on your next task more efficiently.

These breaks do not have to be far from your desk, or involve anything extravagant. They can just be a little trip to catch up with a friend for 5 minutes, but every little helps!

Drink More Water:

This little trick can help you with time number 1. Drinking more water is good for your skin, your internal organs and ladies it can help with your menstrual cycle.

Grab yourself a litre water bottle fill it up first thing and again when you take your lunch break. This will hydrate you the recommended amount and will force you to take breaks as your body needs it.

Work Smarter Not Harder:

Tracking our tasks and things to do is just part of the usual day-to-day at any 9 to 5, however how often do we look at this mammoth list and get lost, overwhelmed and even bored!

Over the last year and a half I have created this bullet journal/to do list hybrid that helps me keep track of tasks, sub-tasks and overtime hours that need to be banked.

Every task has a title, every sub-task has a tick box and all the hours go o a tracker. (I will do a fill post on this later on once I have perfected my little technic)

Eating vs Nourishing:

We all do it……too many emails, too many calls, too many meetings and your boss has just dumped something else on you that means you can’t take a lunch break and you are starving! So you smash back a cup of coffee, packet of crisps and a chocolate bar from the vending machine….this is not good for you!

This behaviour will just result in your blood sugar spiking and you crashing later on. So what is the solution? Personally I keep a snack jar full of nuts in my draw, and I prep my lunch the night before (again a story for another time). This way no matter what, there is something I can much on that nourish my body rather than taking it on a rollercoaster!

Keep It Fun:

Being in the office is dull and horrible at the best of times! The office I am in is beige and yellow……it makes my spirit sob daily…..and it has been scientifically proven that if your brain is not stimulated by your surroundings it will stop making new cells.

To avoid this at all costs, my desk is covered in colourful pens, sticky notes and things that I can use to activate what little grey matter I have left!!

So this is how to put you first during your 9 to 5! During this portion of the day, we neglect ourselves….we would never put up with this behaviour from anyone else, so why do we do it ourselves?

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

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