Step into the Perfect Pedicure

Feet can really pilorise people. They are either a love or hate item. There is a wealth of people who think they are the most attractive thing on a person. There are equal amounts of people who think they are horrid things that should just live in shoes.

I can honestly say ‘eegghh’ to feet….however I hate my own more than anything! They have been abused over the years by high heels, combat sports and wearing sandals all year round.

Over the last 2 years I have really made an effort to look after my poor little toes! Over this time I have found a few things that can really help keep them in tip toe shape (I couldn’t resist the pun).

Foot Soaks:

Soaking your feet is the best way to start off a pedicure. They do it in the salons, so why shouldn’t you take the time at home. As with everything there are a few routes you can take.

If you have the time, I’m a fan of watching TV or reading a book whilst soaking my feet in a bucket of warm water. Adding a few Epsom salts really ads to the spa feeling, and helps get rid of any aches and pains.

If this is too time consuming and you a blessed with a shower over the bath, just let the shower run for a few minutes before your ready to get in. This will give you a few inches of water and allows you to be a bit more time frugal.

Added Tip: if you have some clothes you want to wear in the next day or so, hang them in the bathroom whilst you’re letting the shower run and let the creases just melt away!

Exfoliation Exfoliation Exfoliation:

After your all soaked out, it’s time to get into the skin with some exfoliation. If you have a body scrub grab a handful and get scrubbing!! If not using a rough towel when you get out the shower will do.

Make sure you get right up to the nail bed to help remove those stubborn cuticles.

The Foot Files:

These giant nail file looking items are AMAZING! I hate to be so traffic but they really do get rid of the hard bits that no amount of exfoliation will!

Over the time I have upgraded to a battery powered number that has saved me time, money and effort!

Keep going at it until ur skin is soft and smooth. If at any point you get any pain, stop…..your at the soft bit so there is nothing more you can do!

Good Scissors:

Trimming cuticles can be made so much easier by having the right tools!

Whilst the skin is still wet, I push my cuticles back and then trim them at the base, making sure I don’t get too close….that’s just calling for disaster, and a plaster!!

Heel Repair Balm:

I always associate this with my Nana. She is diabetic and has a special balm that stops her heels from cracking. I thought this was nonsense until I split my heel at her house (this happens a lot and I usually just ignore it). She put some of this stuff on, and gave me some to take home, instructing me to apply it every day for 3 days.

I saw this stuff is magic! My heel was fixed in the time she said and now I use it every pedicure as a preventative measure! It’s brilliant stuff!!!

Warning: DO NOT put this on areas that do not need it! It will build up a rough patch that you have to deal with later!!

Nail Polish is always a nice way to end this yummy treat, but that is a whole different ball game….and a story for another time!

So, how do you look after you feet for the summer months? Are you a luck one who doesn’t have to think about these things or someone who suffers every time they think about sandals?

Sending love and hugs xXx have a great weekend xXx

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