Wedding 101: Picking Your Venue

Where you get married is probably just as important as what you wear on the big day….but if you haven’t got anywhere to say “I Do” then the dresses and suits are all going to go unused!

This is the part of your big day that takes so much thought……and cost….so it’s best to make this decision slowly….if you put a deposit down and decided half way through planning everything you have not made the right choice for you, all that money has gone down the tube!

Picking a venue is a funny little thing so, as with most things in The House of Lotz, there are 5 things to keep in mind when you are venue shopping…..

Your Resource:

No matter where you are getting married, finding a good resource is a must! There is much to be said for plugging in “Places to get married in (insert town here)” but there is nothing like picking up a magazine!

If you are someone who likes more of a conventional magazine “Brides” is a good one to pick up, however I am rather partial to “Rock and Roll Bride”. No matter what magazine you pick up, there will be a useful directory of locations divided by area at the back of the magazine.


Once you have found some venues that you like a little bit, make appointments to see them…all of them! I know I know this sounds horrible, but I would recommend seeing every venue you find the tiniest bit pretty or fits your aesthetic. Your never know what little gem you might come across!

Sales Representatives:

Now these guys are wonderful and will sell you whatever you want, but please remember they are there to sell you a service, so do not feel bad about asking the hard questions.

One of the venues I visited I sat with the rep for 20 minutes discussing budget only to find out that we had to pay an extortionate sum of money to just book the rooms. Room fees where not included in the packages!

Follow Ups:

Do not be afraid to visit places more than once. These appointments can go so quickly and you can miss so many things from your list of 50,000 questions and want to speak to the rep again face to face. Or you might even want to just go to the venue and walk around on your own.

Are venue was brilliant! We went back 3 times to look around before booking, and then another 4 times before the big day.

I eventually made myself an email form to send to venues after appointments to make sure I covered everything;

Can you send me your full package list

Please price each package at ‘this many people’ with a per person breakdown

Do you have any licenses or missing any licenses that will help or hinder our day (things like noise restrictions and fire work licenses)

Parking Restrictions

Disabled Access

This all seems like a lot, but follow ups are your best friend!

Find Your Process:

This is probably the most important thing to think about. I hear of so many couples who argue about going to venue appointments. The families want to come, the bridal party want to help, the groom doesn’t want to go…hell half the time the bride doesn’t want to go!

Before you embark on these appointments it’s ok to set some ground rules, even between the 2 of you.

The Boy and I came up with a wonderful plan for venue hunting…..I made all the appointments, went to all the appointments and picked out the best ones to take him back to. Most brides would be horrified at this but, The Boy and I have been together a long time, we have been house hunting together and albeit very fun, he is not into this sort of thing. In the end I took him back to one venue and he loved it just as much as I did! If he didn’t we had a deal that he would have to find somewhere else for us to get married!!

Well, that’s the venue tips! Please remember just to follow your heart! If you want to get married in a castle with a grand theme or if you want to get married in a barn and have a picnic, as long as you both love it that’s all the matters.

Hugs and Love xXx Have a great weekend xXx

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