Relaxing Evening Routine Tips

The post is dedicated to my Beautiful Friend Cazzy:

Switching off and getting rest can be so so difficult! We all live our lives at a million miles an hour. Our days go by in a blur of waking, working and all of a sudden we are waking again. It feels like we never stop.

But why is that?

Why do we feel this way?

I really think that it’s because we do not switch off at night. We get home and just keep going! Cooking, laundry, personal calls, personal projects and then trying to spend some time with our loved ones. This is even extended to the weekend where it feel just like one long workday evening.

Last year I was very guiltily of this! Planning a wedding is like having a second job, no matter how much help you have.

To try and turn my mind off and get some rest I turned to my evening routine and it became my haven! Here is my 5 step night time routine that will guarantee you a restful evening (and hopefully a good night’s sleep):

Tea Time:

The Boy drinks a lot of tea, so there is no surprise that after dinner is free from such a beverage! Mint tea is the perfect way to finish of the day; it helps with digestion and the warmth is so relaxing. There is nothing quite like sitting with your favourite mug at the end of the day.

We also take this time to catch up on our TV shows and spend some much needed time together.

Good Night Phone:

I love my phone. There is no hiding it. As soon as my 9 to 5 is done, I am all about checking my emails and Instagram! The problem with that is that I would check it use before bed and moan about not getting any sleep. There is a blue tone to the light that apparently disturbs your sleeping pattern.

After another episode of dropping my phone on my face in bad, I came to the conclusion that something had to be done! My phone now has a very strict 10pm bedtime Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday it is 30 minutes before whatever time I decide to go to bed. This way my eyes get and I can complete my oil based skincare without making a mess!

Bed Prep:

Before the next step in my routine, I like to make sure my bed is ready for me to snuggle up and drift off to sleep. This involves a liberal spraying of the “This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray” all over my pillow and sleeping mask! This blocks out any sneaky light that may come from outside, and really helps as the nights get lighter!

Hot Steamy Showers:

I’m an evening showered, mainly because I spend such a long time in there that doing it in the morning means I would be late to work every day! I also find it a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day.

This is the start of my “Me Time” where I steam and exfoliate my face, spend some time with my body brush and use all the fancy shower products I can find!

This little bit of luxury (and phone free time) really lets the mind start to slow down and become more peaceful!

Daily Mini-Facial:

After a my very steamy shower all my pores are open and ready for some skincare!

As I am already relaxed, there is no harm in spending a little time relaxing my mind with a facial massage. Yes I do this every day, and yes it is worth it!

I pop my night oil on my hands, warm it up and go to town with stimulating upward strokes. Sometimes I will even go in with my jade roller and give my lymph nodes a little something to work with, but this is usually after a really heavy week, or having eaten a lot of salt!

After all that i am super sleepy and off for a nice long nap!

How you are all having a wonderful weekend xXx

Hugs and Love xXx

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