Perfect Summer Pedicure: It’s all about the polish!

Happy Sandel Weather Everyone!!!! OK….so the sun coming out doesn’t mark the start of sandel season for me (or my Dadums for that matter) but for everyone else I hope you are all getting you toes out!

With this season change comes a new stock of polish colours to help brighten those toes that have been hidden away since the end of September!

Here are my top 5 polish colours to brighten those post pedicure feet and complement any sandel:

Corporate Nude:

Some workplaces have some unwritten rule about what colour polish is acceptable for a corporate environment. I wish I was kidding but no….I have had many a sandal wearing friend shop my stash for a good nude!

Sephora Formula X “Impeccable”

This one in a go to for me! It’s nude enough to not break dress code, but purple enough to give a bit of colour.

Berry Bright:

I love a berry tone for most of the year to be honest, but in the summer I like to go for something a bit brighter!

Revlon “Cherries in the Snow”

This beautiful colour is bright enough to cause a stir, but not too bright to be neon. The blue undertones bring some life to your poor pale feet!

Not So Berry Bright:

Ok, so this colour is basically the same as the last one, but it is a few shades darker. You can still make a beautiful statement, but it’s not so “wow” as the very berry bright!

O.P.I “Popular Vote”

You can just about get away with wearing this one in the office without too much fuss (both as a pedicure and manicure shade!)

Fancy Feet:

Metallic tones are a must for summer!! If you are attending any type of fancy event where your toes will be out, a metallic is that strange neutral that complements everything, but is still brings a little something something.

Sally Hansen “Pennies for Heaven”

One down side though: it’s a bit of a pain to get off, but too too pretty to not wear!

Deep Love for a Deep Red:

Blue toned reds are one of my go to colours all year round, but it’s not just the colour that I love about this bottle of joy.

Essie Gel Couture “Bubbles Only”

I know I gave this a bad review last year, but I think I just picked up a duff shade. This darker shade is perfect, and will last a good week or 2 on your toes……so perfect for your summer vacation!

So those are my top pedicure shades that I will have in rotation this summer!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend xXx Hugs and love xXx

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