Wedding 101: Gifts

This is probably a very awkward post to put up, but I feel like asking for gifts is up there in the wedding taboo list. It’s right up there with saying that you don’t want a family member in your bridal party or not wanting kids at your wedding.

I know it is a funny post to shove in the middle of this series, but it is super important that you work this out before you order or write your wedding stationary! It’s a little bit rude to send out a wedding invitation addendum saying that you want cash over gifts a week before the due date!

Anyway…..let’s get into talking about wedding gifts!

Talk To Your Fiancé:

I feel like a broken record but this is something you need to talk to your fiancé about before you start looking at things. Have you just moved house and need a load of kitchenware? Have you lived together a while and just want cash for other things or to spend on your honeymoon?

Either way, it’s time to sit and work it out……and don’t feel guilty about it!

The Big Guilt:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when we sat down to have this discussion I had this massive pang of guilt about listing what we wanted as wedding gifts.

In typical The Boy fashion, he settled my mind by saying: “It’s like someone asking what you want for your birthday….we just have to put it out there and home for the best”

To be fair, most of our guests kept to what we asked for, and it really has helped us out. We asked for money for our honeymoon and people interpreted this in different ways. Some gave us US Dollars, some gave us Sterling so we were able to spend money on our honeymoon and then treat ourselves to some little home bits that we needed.

Clean and Clear:

When you are writing your invitations, you need to be clear with what you want as gifts. If you are asking for money, there are very sweet ways to ask (Two of my dear friends used poems which where just wonderful), we on the other hand where a bit blunt. We basically said “The biggest gift for us is having you there on our big day, but if you would like to donate to our honeymoon fund we would not say no”.

If you are registering for gifts don’t forget to say where and what the name on the list is. Otherwise you will have your guests going to every department store known to man asking if you are registered there on the off chance.

Be Clearer Than a Nuns Mind:

Make sure you are clear that people should not be obligated to get you a gift. Wedding presents are not a given, they are something that is a lovely gesture so don’t be angry if someone doesn’t opt to give you that last over priced thing that is left on your list.

Don’t Push It:

If you are doing a wedding registry, please keep in mind that your guests are already coming to your big day with all the expenses that come with it. You may want the Hermes china and the crystal, but in reality are you going to use it? Keep in mind that you won’t use these things and they will be kept for best, so are you really going to enjoy them as much as registering for 6 classic plates that you will use on repeat every day?

So that’s the gifts covered….now we have done that, stationary is up next!

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

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