Mid Year Check In – Has everything gone to plan?

I say this so often, but I feel like years move so quickly that I can’t keep up. This year is no exception, it felt like I made my New Years Goal list a few weeks ago….yet the mid year pop up started flashing at me this week.

As soon as this pop up flashed, I realised that I had to go through everything I set out to achieve and be accountable….yuck!

This sounds so dramatic, but over the years I have done this I come to my mid year or end of year check in and I hate it! I hate it at the 9-5 and I hate it in my personal life.

As you can probably tell, I am not very good at disappointing people. That is one of my biggest fears in life. (Insert childhood/school related stuff here!)

Anyway, back to my point: this year I decided to create a smaller list that was a little more open and achievable!

So…..what was the plan? How on track am I?

Home Improvements:

This year we wanted to update some areas of our home. Just a few little things like redecorating the living room and getting rid of a few things.

So far, the living room has been redecorated, clothes and homeware has been tracked and replaced….there is even an ongoing Garden Project the my Dadums and Uncle are undertaking for us! The Boy and I have no idea what we are doing with that areas, so having responsible adults around to help us is AMAZING!! We are so so grateful!

Next stop: new sofa and maybe windows!!!

Spending more time with you guys:

I wanted to create more content for you guys!! Creating more blog posts, more Instagram pictures and even some Instagram Stories!

To be fair, I am up there on the blog posts, but I am slacking on the Instagram stuff! I have looked at my posts and dabbled in with the stories, but this is something I need to keep working on! It doesn’t help that The Boy and I have a no phone rule when we go out for a bite to eat, but I will find my way!!

Keep on the healthy train:

Staying on this train was something I wanted to keep going after our wedding! I feel like so many people fall off after their big day and they don’t need too! It is something that is so easy to keep in your routine!!

To be fair, this one I have become a bit obsessed with! I had a health scare which really hit me hard, so I fell down the health well and not come back out.

This year I gave up bovine products, started doing something I call “Double Cardio” (basically 30 mins treadmill followed by 30 mins freestanding cycle) and dropped down to 1 coffee a day.

This is something I will be working on for the rest of the year, so let’s see what’s going to happen!

So that’s what made the cut this year and what I have been working on!

How are you doing with your 2018 goals? Let me know in the comments so we can cheer each other on!

Have a wonderful weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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