Story Time: 5 Objects That Make Me ‘Me’

For the first time in a long time I sat and read a magazine. I was in a waiting room and it was probably 4 years out of date, and I can’t remember which magazine it was, but still….

During my flip through I found this cool article where someone famous listed 5 objects that made up their life story or their journey to the top. This inspired me to reflect on things that I have with me all day every day, things that I love from when I was little and even things I accumulated on the way and measure how important they are to me.

So here are the 5 Objects That Make Me ‘Me’:


He has to be my very first and best friend. I know he may look old and a bit beaten up, but to be fair he isn’t too bad for a 40 year old bear.

My Dad gave him to my Mum when they were dating… say that was a while before I came along was an understatement!

The story I was told is that he fell into my cot and we have been friends ever since. There is a complementary story that goes with that where my Dadums had to drive all the way back to Centre Parcs in Nottingham where I accidentally left him behind! Snoopy knows my darkest secrets and he has seen me through some very shitty times.

As an adult (sort of) I would love to say I no longer have him in my bed with me, but when times get tough and I need my oldest friend, he’s always there!

My Fountain Pen:

Junior school was a little bit difficult for me. School had been my escape for such a long time, and to all of a sudden have a teacher who was not the most understanding of the dyslexic bunch was really difficult. She told us we were not allowed to have fountain pens yet because ‘we weren’t smart enough to use them’.

At the end of that year, after many complaints about this particular teacher, she left the school and my parents treated me to this beautiful pen as a treat for really sticking it out. My Nan even sat with me to teach me how to write with it. It’s an art form in itself and I have never stopped using it. I wrote my A-Levels with it, my final university exams and even my wedding vows.

I even use it to write all my greetings cards and I like to think it passes on a little love and good luck along its way.


When I was Christened, my Great Aunty Pat and Great Aunty Gill brought me a very tiny nameplate necklace. Every time there was a special occasion I had it round my neck until one day it just wouldn’t go around me any more.

When I was 19 my Mama and Dadums brought me a replacement and I have worn it no fewer than twice a week ever since. When people in my age group where getting into “Sex in the City” and Carrie’s name necklace, I had been wearing mine for years!

I feel like it’s another of my lucky charm, no matter what occasion I need it for. It even feels like my Mama and Dadums are giving me a hug when I need it the most.


Another piece of jewellery, but with a different little story. I haven’t taken this off since the summer before I went to university.

A distant but very dear friend gave this to me just before he went off to spend a year in the circus. I was always very close to by Brother Friend (as I always called him) and his school friends, they all wore these bangles and to be given one was a big deal….particularly for a girl who hung around with the boys school crowed.

Since then I have never take it off. I even wore it on our wedding day…..much to my Grandmothers horror!

Something Very Special:

Once Upon a Time, in a land not too far away a Boy gave a Girl a ring that was just a Birthday gift. They had only been dating about 8 months and it was something she picked out herself…….11 years later they got engaged, got married and they lived happily ever after.

So, this little ring was the first birthday gift The Boy ever gave me. It was my 20th and I had a £20 budget to spend (the joys of being a student and skint all the time). This little guy cost around £15 so there was some changed left over for a little cake as well. The day after he brought it for me we had ‘Faux Birthday’ as I was going home for the actual day, so I could wear it straight away. From that day up until the day we got engaged it resided on my left hand on my middle finger. Now it sits at the top of my wedding ring and engagement ring stack. This ring is nothing expensive, and looks unimportant to most, but it means everything to me. It represents the first time The Boy said ‘I love you’ and the moment that we both realised we would be together…..’Always’.

So those are 5 things that make me ‘me’ I guess.

What items are special to you? Do you have anything that you usually overlook that you might see differently now?

Hugs and love xXx Have a wonderful weekend xXx

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