Wedding 101: Everything you need to know about Stationery

Stationery is one of my favourite things in the world! I love a good pen and an amazing set of notebooks. I even plan specific trips for special occasions when i want to go further afield for something unique!

Wedding stationery is a whole new kettle of fish!! It was probably the easiest and most annoying task that we had to undertake. Who knew that there was so much stuff to think about!!

Before we get into tips, for the benefit of those you who do not know what Wedding Stationery includes (I didn’t to be fair) here is a list:

Save the date cards

All Day Invitations

Evening Invitations

Information Cards

Instruction Cards


Place Cards


Seating Plan

Thank You Cards

So… you have been terrified by the amount of paper that you might need to use, let’s get into my 5 tips on Stationery!

Ask Your Venue:

A lot of venues throw in some of your stationery as part of their packages, so check in with them before you starting mooching around the internet!

If this is included for you, there is no harm in reaching out to the same company to see if they offer any sort of discount for using them for the rest of your stationery.

We looked into using the same one for ours (to give it a bit of consistency) but they were unable to accommodate our strange request for a black invitation, but they did throw in our signs for free instead.


Let’s be honest, some people are so creative and completely able to create some amazing invitations, but do you have the time and is it in your budget?

Before you set your heart on the amazing pop up card complete with doves that you found on Pinterest take a trip to Amazon and Hobby Craft to see how much this is going to cost you.

If this will sit in your budget, make 1 as a mock up to see how long it will take you to make them. Don’t forget, these things can be time expensive as well!

Keeping in the theme:

Wedding themes are amazing! Once you have one you can apply it to everything! Make sure that the company you choose can fulfill what you are looking for. If you want something a little bit out of the ordinary, I would recommend Papier! This is a company that popped up on Facebook that I checked out on a whim and they where everything we wanted in the end!

They managed to produce a black save the date and invitation that did not look ashy or transfer colour everywhere!

Don’t be afraid:

This is something I have mentioned before, but don’t be afraid to list out your request for no children and money as a gift on your invitations. There is no need for a poem or to dance around the subject, just be polite and to the point.

Make sure you list EVERYTHING so your guests are prepared and ready for your special day.

Check, Check and Check a bit more:

When ordering anything, double check EVERYTHING that is being printed. We asked for proof prints of everything, and I asked The Boy to check all the spellings so we did not have the final order come through with mistakes all over it!

Bonus tip: bundle some of your invitations together! My Dadums is amazing and delivered all the invitations to family in his area, same for The Boy’s parents too!

So, that is a quick tip filled walk through Wedding Stationery! I hope you all enjoyed and happy ordering…or DIY-ing!

Have a great weekend xXx Hugs and love xXx

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