July Favourites

That’s another month that has melted away…..this is so true for everyone in the UK, we are all melting from this heatwave and it is not fun!

I know…I know….typical English Girl moaning about the weather. I can’t help myself…It’s hot and I’m grumpy!

Anyway, moaning aside, it has been a wonderful month filled with family fun, ice, sunshine and a bit of stress (the joys of the 9 to 5 and picking up my new car).

Anyway…….let’s get into what I have been loving this month!

In The Kitchen:

You all know how much I love coffee, but this time of year it is just too warm for my usual morning Almond Milk Cappuccino.

To keep me cool, I have switched over to an Iced Almond Milk Latte to accompany me in my morning commute. The added bonus of using my travel cup means that I don’t have to worry about disposable cups or plastic straws.

In The Bathroom:

In my bid to keep my plastic waste down I have taken a hard look at everything I use. Unfortunately I am a hairy lady so I needed to tackle hair removal quickly!

After doing some YouTube stalking and research, I came to the conclusion that epilating was the way to go! It’s less messy than waxing and a little easier to do. It’s just switch on and go! I appreciate that it hurts to begin with, but for the tattooed person it is nothing more than a little outlining!

In the Bedroom:

With this new love of epilating has come a renewed need to moisturise my legs! I must admit I’m not the best at remembering to do this, particularly in the summer, but I’m trying to do better!!

I’m also trying to use up old products so this last little bit of body oil has come in handy! I think it’s bio-oil, or it might be Nuxe….no idea! Either way it’s making my legs super soft and it’s getting used up!

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka In The Living Room):

My Dadums and Uncle are being amazing and redoing our garden for us as a wedding gift! It’s taken them so much time and hard work, which I will never be able to thank them for fully!

With all of this garden love has come a few new plants and a new lease of life in some old ones! These amazing roses grew in our garden and I could let them just fade away outside! So I snipped them off and brought them in! They lasted a good week inside and they smell amazing!

In the Portable House of Lotz (aka in my Handbag):

Sunny weather + driving in a glass roofed car + being pale……we can only get one result…..Sunburn!!!!!

To avoid this I have cracked out and old favourite in this SPF! I repurchase it every summer and it never lets me get burnt! Brilliant stuff!

Well, that was July everyone!!! What will August bring??

Sending hugs and love xXx

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