Summer Skincare Essentials

First off, sorry there was no post last week and that this one is late! I took a little mental health break to hang out with some beautiful friends and their families. Also today is a sad day for my family so things have been a little on the back burner!

Anyway, this is not why you all stopped in today! We are here to talk about the summer and how it’s important to look after your skin.

As we all know, sun damage can not be reversed….once you have been out in the sunshine with no SPF on your skin will start creating damaged little pockets with dark spots! This is not going to be an advantage to you in any type of anti-aging process you are undertaking. Anti-aging is not always the aim of the game when it comes to skincare, but does anyone really want to look like an uncared for leather jacket!

So….here are my top 5 things I use to feed my skin in the summer:


Ok this is a no-brainer but it is very important to have a good SPF in your skincare arsenal. In the Summer I move my usual SPF20 to a SPF50. This is not just on my face! I use a SPF50 all over every morning and top up as needed.

I pay special attention to my face, arms and the backs of my hands. This is mainly because I spend the first hour of my morning in the car and the sun does like to shine brightly through those windows!

Dry Brushing:

Summer time is lovely and all, but it does mean that I get my legs out! Shorts, skirts, bikinis…’s all out there for the world to see!

What comes with that is the very obvious view of skin that has not been loved since last summer! To bring it is a bit of TLC I dry brush for 5 minutes every day just before I get in the shower.

This burst of exfoliation helps remove any dry patches I might have, as well as invigorating the skin making it glow and look more alive! Just remember to brush towards the heart to promote lymphatic drainage and remove ingrown hairs!

Restorative Night Creams:

After spending the day in the sunshine, it is important to feed your skin with nourishing ingredients. SPF is so important but that and the sunshine can really dry out your skin!

In the evening, I cover myself in so much cream that it feels like a mask and then get into my nice warm bed. Overnight it soaks in and stops all the horrid dry patches!

So, these are the skincare essentials I can not do without this time of year!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend xXx

Hugs and love xXx

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