August Favorites

I say this every month but it does feel like the months move fast and faster! As I sit writing this, the evenings are starting to become darker, it is raining and there is a chill in the air…….could it be that autumn is around the corner?

Good lord I do hope so! This month has been so so hot. It is lovely to have a long summer, but I it’s been so hard to sleep and stay hydrated!!

This month has been filled with time spent with family, friends and enjoying a bit of a break which has been lovely! Our garden is coming along nicely and I have been undertaking some lovely DIY projects around the house. Ikea and John Lewis have become my best friends!!!

With all of this, what has been keeping me going this month…….

In The Kitchen:

As well as Ikea and John Lewis, I have been indulging my love of Anthropology! On our recent trip to Bath I did a mini-haul in my favourite place!!!

As you all know I love a good mug! This little guy matches some plates that I already have from a previous trip, so that made me very happy!

I have been loving my evening camomile tea in this little guy, so it brings me an extra bit of joy!

In the Bathroom:

My little DIY project this month has been revamping our bathroom!! It has been looking a little sad, so it was time to update the accessories update!

After a long walk around Ikea, we picked out these little units to bring a bit of light and brightness to the room.

In the Bedroom:

I am all about the night cream this time of year. I spend most of the day drying out my skin with SPF and air conditioning that having a great night cream really helps balance everything out!

This little guy was a very generous freebie after purchasing something else, but it will probably last me until the end of the year!

In the Living Room:

This is going to sound odd, but I am really getting back into watching TV at the moment. The Boy and I are currently rewatching Frasier and I couldn’t be happier!

We have been just curing up on the sofa and binge watching a few episodes before I inevitably have to go to bed…the joys of waking up at 0600hrs!

In the Portable House of Lotz (aka in my handbag):

Along with my Anthropology visit when we were in Bath, I popped into my favourite coffee shop (Society Cafe) and begged them for a bag of the house blend.

As always the team in there are amazing and ground me the perfect coffee for my pot, but they also had these beautiful totes for sale. You can never have too many handy totes, and this one is no exception! It fits by gym kit refills, as well as little purchases that I pick up over the weekend.

Well, that was August everyone! I hope you enjoy the UK Bank Holiday and that the autumn breeze blows through soon!

Hugs and love xXx

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