Story Time: Answering your Piercing Questions

When people see how many piercings I have, and the age at which I got them, I usually hear the same things “Did you get grounded for it?” “How could your parents let you do that!”

From what I see from other people and their relationships with their parents, I am so so lucky! Anything anyone else would consider to be “Rebellious” my lovely parents have just said “OK”.

The closest we ever got to “No” was “Can you wait until the end of term? Then Mrs Cains won’t yell at you” or “Can you wait until next weekend? I think we might need to sign a consent form”.

Over the years we have moved away from the consent forms and end of term requirements, but even still they are not massively bothered by what I do in the way of expressing myself.

So let’s go though the things I have in my ears:

5 piercings in my earlobes (1st at 13, 2nd at 15-ish, the last one at 19)

Daith (got this last year to help with migraines and neck pains. Best decision I ever made)

Double Helix (got this earlier this year)

Now for the top 5 questions I get asked about these piercings:

Did it hurt?

“No not at all! It feels like a kiss from the sexiest human you can think of!”

Of course it hurts!!!! I wish it was painless I would have 100 more, but they can hurt a lot! This might not be in the first instance, but at some point you are going to bash one of them and it’s going to make your eyes water!!

The worst was my double helix, but that’s because it is 2 piercings on top of each other done at the same time. They have also been bashed by at least 4 people during hugs and washing my hair.

How much did all that cost?

Piercings are one of the few body modifications that are relatively cheap! Lobes can run at about £20 depending on the method. Other piercings can run you up to about £100 as they are pretty specialised (these places will 100% make your eyes water).

Can you pick the jewellery?

In some places you can. This is always a selling point for me! An ugly virgin pin or hoop is always a downer, but if it is the jewellery the piercer recommends you shouldn’t go against them! They are the professional after all!

Is cleaning a pain in the butt?

In a word: Yes! Cleaning something twice a day with tea tree oil and salt water can be a messy inconvenience, but if you don’t clean it you are in for a disaster! It will get infected, it will start to bleed and your pierced body part will fall off! OK, the last thing is a bit of a fib, but it put the fear in you and now you will clean your piercing.

My cleaning routine is: Morning; Tea Tree oil on a cotton pad. Leave it on their whilst you brush your teeth. Evening; dunk whatever you have pierced in warm salt water until it gets cold. Dry it of carefully and let it dry out overnight. Do that for the recommended time your piercer has said, but add on a week at the end just in case! This allows for any bashing or knocking that might occur!

Bonus tip: Turn flesh piercings, do not turn cartilage piercings!

Needle or Gun?

I have had both over my time and I can say once and for all: Needle!

Guns are great! They make lobe piercings more accessible and quicker which is great! Downside is it does sound like you are being shot in the ear!

Needles are so much finer, more controlled, more accurate and to be honest, less painful! Yes you do look like a tit for a moment with a tube stuck in your ear or whatever, but at the end of the day, you have straight piercing that is perfectly aligned!

Those are the questions I get asked the most about the metal in my ears! I am going to do a jewellery post next month, as I am still getting comfy with this freshly curated ear!

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

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