The House of Lotz Sunday Routine

All of use are so busy during the week. Monday to Friday is full of rushing around, traffic, our 9 to 5, working out, trying to eat right and sleep enough. When the weekend finally comes we are still rushing around to make sure we are ready for the next week… do we ever really get a break?

Since having a bit of a breakdown a few years ago, The Boy and I readdressed the way we tackle the week and how we can make the most of our weekends. After a lot of talking (and crying on my part) we decided that Monday to Friday is for the 9 to 5, working out and food shopping, Saturdays are for cleaning and appointments, Sundays are for resting and having fun!

Sundays have now become sacred to us, so if either of us give up one for something else it means we love you a lot! Even when we have guests with us, we inflict a version of our Sunday routine on them. So far we have had no complaints, but to be fair….who could really say no to a Sunday like this!!

So…let’s get into our chilled Sunday:

Lazy like Sunday Morning:

The Monday to Friday grind leaves me pretty sleep deprived, so a slow start on a Sunday is very much appreciated!

Having lived in shared student housing for the first chunk of our relationship The Boy and I have a special attachment to our bed. Getting up before 0930 on a Sunday is unforgivable, but waking your bedmate up with a sneaky cuddle and kiss is never a bad idea.

Breakfast of Champions:

After some cuddles, we start out on our day of restful fun! We dress, brush our teeth, I take my morning medication and we head out the door.

We treat ourselves to a yummy breakfast at our local Giraffe Restaurant. It is the perfect little location as it is not too far from home, and right by the river so we can have a nice little post breakfast stroll to walk off that food-coma!

Treat Time!

I am so so strict on my coffee intake during the week, but at the weekend I like to treat myself to an extra cup once on a Sunday!

In the summer I go for an iced blended number, but as it starts to get cooler it’s like for a cappuccino. Always with almond milk and always in my trusty travel cup!

The Boy also picks up some Krispy Kremes as a little something sweet for snacking in the afternoon.

Bath Time!

After spending some time spent on the sofa with The Boy, I head on up to the bathroom for a nice long soak in the tub!!

This long soak usually takes about 3 hours…..and involves at least 4 lots of hot water! This really helps to soften my skin, allows me to buff out any rough areas and tone my hair if it is needed (the joys of purple hair).

This is also the perfect opportunity to multi-mask! I do a full facial, followed by my evening skincare routine so all the amazing ingredients soak in.

Dadums Time:

In the evening whilst The Boy makes Sunday Roast, I have a nice long chat with my Dadums! We chat on the phone twice a week, and this is the best way to finish out the week. We put the world to rights, catch up on how shooting went (don’t panic its Clay shooting and he goes twice a month), how the family is doing and what the we both have set out for the week. It’s the best!!!

So that is a brief walk through our Sunday! We also do a bunch of meal prep for the first part of the week, sort out the finances and spend some time planning my workouts…..but that is for a productivity post that I have coming up!

How do you guys relax before a full week? Is there something restful we might be missing out on that we can chat about in the comments?

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

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  1. butterflies and boundaries says:

    Great post, so relatable too xx
    I was nominated for the sunshine Blogger Award, you can check out my blog post here 💗


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