Time for a trip the Ye Olde Tub

Over the years I have expressed my love for the amazing city of Bath! I spent my University years there, made some of my most precious friendships there, met my wonderful Husband there and I continue to make excuses to go back there whenever I can! Fortunately for me some of my beautiful friends still live there so it’s not that hard!!

This past week I treated myself to a well deserved pamper day in my favourite city, so I thought I would share my top 5 things to do when I visit. Don’t worry I have spared you from the gushing friendship moments!

Coffee Time!

Nestled behind the beautiful Bath Abbey you will find the Guildhall. Just opposite there underneath the wooden “Coffee” sign is the beautiful Society Cafe. In my coffee snob opinion, they do the best coffee in town! Smooth, caramel finish and I don’t feel like it spikes in my system too much! They have wonderful vegan treats on offer that taste like they are too good to be true.

This little coffee shop is the the perfect spot! If there are any weddings in the guildhall, you get to see the happy couples coming and going on their special day. You can also people watch every type of person you can imagine to see. Everything from the sporty parents to the frazzled students.

Staff are fabulous and always happy to help when you have no idea what you fancy! They even grinned their house blend in store for use in your preferred coffee maker at home.

Shop till you drop:

Shopping in Bath is just a given! As with most cities they have all the usual high street stores, but as always there are a few extras that you just have to visit!

This city houses the best Anthropology I have ever visited! The staff are fabulous, the range of products is amazing and the location is not too far from my favourite coffee spot!

Whilst you are at that end of the town centre, take a little walk up the hill to HAY, home of amazing stationery and home where.

If you want to walk a little further, head on over to Walcot Street. This street has been nicknamed “The Artisan District” so you can just imagine what goodies can be found there!

Places to Eat:

As with stores, Bath is not short on places to eat! Whatever you are in the mood for, you will find something whilst mooching around!

I adore Absurd Bird and would recommend them a million times over! They have fried pickles and moonshine which appeals to my inner redneck!

If you are looking for something on the chic side, head to The Cosy Club or The Ivy. They both have a beautiful menu and they are very much instagram-worthy!

Spa Day:

This is no surprise, but I would 100% recommend heading to the Bath Thermae Spa if you can!

You can pick from an extensive list of treatments should you wish to indulge, or you can just get a ticket to experience the different pools and saunas!

On my pamper day I ended up being in the Spa all morning just bobbing around it the pools and sweating out all the toxins in the sauna…..and most of the afternoon being pummelled in massages!

Owl Trail:

Over the years, Bath has been home to amazing instillation that commemorate it’s colourful history. This year they have taken iconic Minerva Owl and had them sponsored and decorated to show a new side to the city.

Throughout the entire city, there are 82 owls displayed in various places. The idea is to download the app and find them all! It’s like a more realistic version of Pokemon Go!! I have only seen about 20 of them during my last few trips….but there are 2 more trips planned before the year wraps up, so I hope to see a few more!

There are hundreds of amazing things to do in a place I consider one of my homes, so please take too time to go, take a look around and soak in all the beautiful things it has to offer!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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