Wedding 101: All things Bridal Party

Bridal Parties are funny little things! You and your Husband-to-be pick a small group of people to stand by your side on your special day. They are the people who will plan your send off, the ones who will have to put up with you during the planning process and the ones you delegate on the day tasks too!

With all of this: you get to dress this amazing group up in whatever you want for the day! (Insert evil laugh here).

For the months running up to picking these outfits we both sent our chosen bunch pictures of hideous dresses, bunny and morph suites and ensembles that resembled curtains from the 1960’s.

This sort of torture is not compulsory, but it is super funny!

All that aside: here are my 5 top tips on picking Bridal Party Outfits

Have the money talk FIRST:

There is a point in the Wedding Planning Process where you need to consult the budget. This is definitely one of them!

If it is in the budget and you can afford it, I would really recommend buying your Bridal Parties outfits as a gift to them! There are 2 reasons for this: 1) We both felt guilty about asking them to buy something that they may not wear again. 2) It stops them deviating from the vision you have in mind.

If this is not in your budget, that is ok too! Just make sure the outfits are reasonable in price and agree that they can pull form their existing wardrobes.


This sounds so silly, but before you do ANYTHING get your little bridal butt online and have a look around! Go on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Hit up Google for places to buy what you have fallen in love with. Check every inch of the internet to make sure what you have in mind is out there!

Side note: once you have a good idea on something you love find out what size people wear before you fall in love with a dress that will only fit one of the party.

Divide and Conquer:

Now I am not one to separate genders because….you know….equality and all that! However, for this task you are going to have to split the groups off! Arrange for 2 seperate days to take Hubby’s lot out to get sorted, another to take the Bride-Bunch, one for the flower girls and one for the page boys!

Lord knows we love all of our friends, but you don’t need one group chiming in on what the other group are wearing!

Book a Date:

Once you have a good idea of what is going on, send out a message to the groups needed with a set of dates to get this done!

I am all about the organisation, but even for me this task was executed better than I could ever imagine!

Boys: one day, 2 shops, 3 suites purchased, DONE! We even started the day late and had enough time for a leisurely dinner at the end of it. I made 1 follow up visit to pick up items our amazing Sales Assistant had to order in for us as the exact item was not in store.

Girls: Called in advance to make sure the dresses where in store, one day, 2 dresses tried on, 2 dresses purchased, DONE! Another day when we had plenty of time for lunch, champagne and a bit of shopping. We did a few trips to the tailors to adjust for comfort but that was it.

Bonus Trip: One of my bridesmaids didn’t wear a dress, so she was a separate trip but even then there was zero effort! One day, 3 shirts tried on, missing parts tried on and ordered, outfit confirmed, DONE!

Be Clear and Firm:

We all have our own personal style. You all know I am very attached to mine, so I would never ask anyone to change their stye.

During the Bridal Party Outfit conversations, be clear on what sort of accessories you are looking for them to wear or not wear as the case may be!

If you want the boys to wear black shoes: TELL THEM. If you want the girls to wear pearl earrings: TELL THEM. If you don’t tell them, you might get them rocking up in big gold hoops and white trainers. If that is not the look you are going for, that would really suck!

Those are my top 5 tips for picking up your outfits xXx Happy Hunting xXx

Have a wonderful weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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